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Masks specificially for night time use


I am just after some advice for my Dad, who has IPF and who is currently on oxygen 24/7 (since very recently). He is having problems keeping the mask on at night, he has been waking up through the night with it off his face and struggling for breath. Does anyone know where we can purchase different styles of mask, the ones supplied by air liquide seem to slip off very easily as only have the one strap....

Any advice appreciated


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Sorry dad is having this problem, i dont think a better quality type mask is available that i have ever come across. I used to stick mine on with a strip of micro-porus tape, not a perfect or attractive solution but it did the job. Good luck.


thank you for your reply, that sounds like something to try for now, better than anything i have come up with so far!


Sorry your dad is having a problem with the oxygen mask. I must admit that I would not be able to use a mask - too claustrophobic for me. I use a nasal cannula which I don't really notice now - was surprised how little it bothered me when I started using it at night.



I too use the cannula. Got used to it quickly, but I think if you are on high level oxygen then the cannula woudnt be suitable. I'm on 2 litres pm. When I am ill in hospital and need higher level they make me wear the mask. M


yes unfortunately Dad is on 10L so needs a mask now - we have attempted to alter the mask using stronger elastic and extra strips to hold it in place. night one of the new invention tonight so we will see how it goes! thanks for the replies x


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