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Back to Work


I wrote a little poem, to "celebrate" being well enough to go back to work following a double lung transplant to cure emphysema. I dedicate it to my wonderful wife Ali who got the whole family through a tough time. I sincerely hope that you all enjoy it and maybe take some hope and comfort from it.

These pleasant days of leisure, I knew one day would end

For so much time upon your hands could drive you round the bend

Only so much David Dickinson, a mortal man can stand

Although he'll find the real deal and he's always nicely tanned

My new spare parts are working fine and the gym has made me fit

And so I must return to work, there's nothing else for it.

And so farewell Heir Hunters, I wish your searches well

too much day time TV's no good, as I think that you can tell

Five months three weeks now since that day, the surgeon's scalpel fell

My new air handling units, have made me feel quite swell

My daily leisurely breakfast alas will be no more

Nor swinging clubs and hitting balls and always yelling fore!

I used to think that breathing, was grossly over rated

But now I've learned it was in fact completely understated

I thought I might retire, and learn some tunes or dances

But back to work instead I go, a matter of finances

In the last six weeks of 2012, we went to hell and back

But since then things are on the up, and I didn't get the sack!

To the offspring and my family and each individual friend

Thanks for your love and thoughtfulness, it matters in the end

I'd like to thank the NHS, for my second chance at life

The surgeons down at Harefield for their skill with that sharp knife

The Doctors here at Stotfold, and the pulmonary care

There's no way I'd have reached this stage had you not all been there.

So thank you all for helping me back to a full and active life

But above all else and publicly I want to thank my wife

Her love and strength and selflessness are all that got me through

So Ali I am proud to tell the world that I love you!

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Well done, congratulations on getting there, and a damn good bit of verse ;)

Hidden in reply to azaard

Left a lump in my throat. Wish you and your family the very best wishrs for the future. Joyce


Hear, hear!!!

Glad you're not alblownout anymore! :) Good luck x x


So happy for you, and Ali, family and friends great to hear such good news.

Specially pleased you can tell your wife you love her.

My wife Ann, like Ali, is the epitome of love and support and I wouldn't last a day without her.

Thanks for a great blog :-)



Really pleased for you. Great blog thankyou for sharing

Tina x

How fantastic what a great poem so glad for you and your family all the best for the future

Excellent outcome :)

Excellent poem :)


Oh my that made me fill up! What a beautiful poem and thanks for sharing it with us. I wish you the best of health from now on. :-)


That poem was so good, Alblownout. I hope you sent a copy to the medical staff and nurses at Harefield. I have tried writing poetry - no talent at all.


Well done, and good luck for the future

Regards jan

Good for you, going through all that and eventually going back to work. Loved the poem, . I`ve been off work for 5 months now and hope to go back eventually so I know what you mean about daytime tv.

Congratulations on your new lease on life. Your trials and tribulations are very well expressed in your prose. Perhaps I can use your poem if I ever have to get a transplant (with slight modifications, of course).


Really lovely poem for your wonderful wife, Well done to you, and everyone that helped get you to this point. Enjoy your second life, work and all :)

Anna :)

What a brilliant poem, I,m so glad you have found the light at the end of the tunnel, & a big hats off to you, your wife & family for coming out at the other end

Karen xxx

That made me cry. Fantastic to hear so feeling so well, best wishes for a long healthy happy life.

Kim xxxxxx

Don't work too hard and keep laughing


That's just brilliant news all round. Welcome back from the brink of daytime telly. :-) :-) :-) :-)

Brought a tear to my eye! long may you work and write!!! well done! I'm delighted for you! :) x

Beautiful poem, My friend had a transplant two years ago, and the difference is amazing. The poem bought tears to my eyes. Good luck for a wonderful future with your wife and family.x

i think to have a double lung transplant is nothing but a miracle and you must have gone through hell and back i wish you all the good luck in the world as you deserve it from marguarita


what fab news for a loving couple xxx

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