Hi everyone.

Some of you may remember that they wouldn't let me start on Pulmonary Rehabilitation until I had been kitted out with mobile oxygen. I put mobile because I can't spell ambulatory. Anyway, my oxygen turned up today.

I am supposed to use it whenever I do the PR exercises. But, the cylinder and the case weigh 12 pounds in old money or 5.5 kilos if you are a clever clogs. Surely if I am carrying that I don't need to do any ruddy exercises. So the upshot is that I am changing my name to Hercules.

Love to all no matter what you suffer from. Bobby xx

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  • Good luck with the weight training! Remember, bend those knees ! :) x x

  • Dey is already bent under the weight of the oxy. lol Bobby xxx

  • Sorry Bobby, but I can't stop laughing ..... ;)

  • Ok smarty pants how many can you do without falling over or getting stu k now that would be sight to see, hehehehe! Sorry that was cruel, but still funny, oh! Heck that's icing sugar everywhere, dam, and i promised myself i wouldn't make a mess today, humph :O

  • You could pretend it was a jet pack and rush (hahahahaha) round the room doing aeroplane noises with arms outstretched for extra effect.

    Failing that, do the exercises ! :)

    Sympathy 1 Bobby 0 ;)

  • Breaks the habit of a lifetime and prepares to slap a woman lol Bobby xx

  • Hahahahahaha x :)

  • Good idea from scrobbitty stick it in a rucksack ye easier to carry === hands free for the nurssays...... Then a space helmet and ray gun,,and you could rule the earth,,, EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH :D :)

  • Ok I've got it! Each week I will nominate one of you smart alecs to come with me and carry the oxygen. See! Sheer brain power solves all problems. Bobby xx

  • Think of those bulging muscles you`'ll be having ...muscles...wow

  • I have already got those muscles but I keep them hidden under a layer of fat so the kids don't feel inferior. he he he

  • Oh you poor wee man, my heart bleeds for you. You'll just have to have a granny bag on wheels if you can't manage, but knowing the ego of men and the fact there are oodles of strong good looking women at PR you will carry it. Have fun my dear and if you should meet a meek and feeble old lady lugging 3 of those and is smiling, smile or pass by on the other side, She may be me! XX :p

  • Three! Three! Gordon Bennett! I'm steering clear of you pal! Love from Bobby xxx

  • I use my left hand to carry my oxygen bottle and it's now stronger than my right, keep meaning to swop over every so often. Nearest and dearest sometimes offers to carry it but somehow I keep getting my legs entangled in the tubing and I get cross.

    Lib x

  • You Lib? Cross? Nah, don't believe it. Cor, I'm getting too smooth for my own good aren't I. lol Bobby xxx

  • Try laughing gas-do rehab with a smile!


  • I presume they have supplied you with the bag with shoulder straps which spreads the load? If not, get one ordered!

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