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Tickly cough !!!!!!

Hi all,

Can anyone please advise.have had horrid tickly cough for a while now,really affects waiting for hospital appointment at chest clinic because last CAT scan showed scarring in both lungs.not much help from GP,said should hear from hospital soon.

Got ventolin inhaler for copd and on 125ml levothyroxine for under active thyroid.

Any help to ease this cough be a big help.

Thanks all

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Plead nicely with doc for 100ml bottle of 15mg liquid codine, I was in agony with a cough two months ago, pulled muscles in tum & back & couldn't sleep at all, but this for a week put me right

Hope you get it cleared up soon

Karen xx


Cheers Karen,back on the pone to GP first thing.


John xx


Any time hun good luck xxx


Never met a witch that doesn't make her own potions. What is the country coming to. lol xxxx


We just can't get the poppys these days hun :D xxxx


If it works,she gets my vote anytime :)


Hi John, did you get on to the doc? was he of any help?



Hi Karen,use thankyou.i called him this morning and got a telephone appointment with him,and the good news isican go at 4pm to collect a prescriptions.

Thank you so much for your help.

Loads a luv


Ps wil let you know tomorrow night how it is x


Old remedy for tickly cough - can't do any harm anyway , so worth a try -: cover some humbugs with vinegar and leave to dissolve - take spoonful as required. Hope it helps :)


Thanks Wishoz,worth a try :)


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