new work tops

Its over 4 weeks since i managed to set my kitchen on fire ,no hob to cook on and the times ive thought to myself oh i will have a fried egg or ill fry some sausage ,dont usually fry sausage or egg ,but because i cant i want it

What hard work i have caused for my daughter ,all the cupboards have to be emptied for the new work tops to be fitted have 3 daughters but always seems to be the same one that does things that need doing .

A week tomorrow the fitters will be coming then everything can go back less what my daughter says i dont need, cant complain about the insurance company they came day after the fire the hold up has been emptying those blooming cupboards but hey ho will be lovely when its all done

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  • Oooooops :(

    I managed to set my cooker on fire, (twice in two weeks) and the fumes from the outer rubber of the grill were probably the start of the lung problems.

    Aha so daughter has her eye on your illicit stash of ............... ? Brownie points for her though !

    Once you have your beautiful kitchen you will of course no longer want the fried sausage or egg. :)

  • no my daughter was really ruthless all went in the bin whats not going the cupboard

    My breathing has been bad since even though one of the firemen gave me oxygen and then had more at the hospital but i am still here thank goodness for smoke alarms as i had no idea the kitchen was alight

  • All joking apart, must have been pretty scary :( But you are still here to tell the tale and the kitchen will be lovely :)

  • oh we have to have a joke even the fire men were joking ,shouting whos going to make a cuppa so i said if you think im making a cuppa for 15 firemen you have another think coming , anyway my cups and kettle were all burnt but at least they made me laugh

  • 15 hunky chunky firemen? swooooon :)

  • Are you sure your daughter is going to let them fit a cooker,,,hahahahah she may fancy you only getting a microwave thingy chortle chortle,, :D

  • oh dont you start, my oven is set away from the hob and the hob had those solid rings that you dont know if they are on or not ,so i have had to get a ceramic hob that glows when its on,dont know how i will get on with it but hardly use it any way cant lift pans but have a small frypan that gets used about once a week . .Good neighbors a friend and my daughter bring me meals so the hob doesnt get used that much and i do buy microwave meals shame on me. but i have had nothing but grief from family since ..One daughter brought me some small hotcross buns and insisted that she would put them in the toaster so at 2 in the afternoon i had to eat hot cross buns!!!!! never mind must not moan

  • Glad you're about to get things put straight at last newlands :) and oh to have the attention of 15 firemen !! :p lol

    Our children do tend to become over protective of us as we age don't they... role reversal I think it's known as, but sometimes it can get a little like smothering *rolls eyes*.

  • yes i say 15 firemen my granddaughter says 18 6 to each engine ,but never mind gave the street some excitement on a weekend when there is not much else going on and those that didnt have a smoke alarm got one free

  • I have two daughters & it is always the elder that sorts my (many) problems out, & oh do I get the eye roll treatment!!! I,m sure she forgets that actually I,m her mother & as I still have all? my marbles I can make my own decisions :)

    You must have been terrified, but I have to agree 15 fit firemen, lucky you :p

    At least the insurance was dealt with quickly, & you have to admit, we do tend to keep far more than we need in our cupboards :D

    Hope you are soon settled back in to normality

    Take care


  • Thanks sillywitch its my youngest that does the most the other two have no idea about my health problems they know whats wrong with me but just think im out of puff !!! yes i am maybe i dont tell them enough but im like you and others on this sight i lve a good laugh xx

  • I hope you can laugh about it now


  • yes i can, will laugh more when its all done and dusted !!!!!

  • My first wife used to burn salad, but an entire kitchen...?

    A reminder to anyone reading this, you can get a free home safety check from the local fire brigade, and they will often fit new smoke alarms if needed, free!

  • no gordon not the entire kitchen , nearly all . !!!

    Any way you didnt call and see me on the way to Birstall

  • We were on the A62 from Ikea towards the 3 Nuns, the Nuns got priority :)

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