IF,, a Mouse and a ELEPHANT stand side by side,,and jump out of a plane,,Which one hits the ground first,,???? The plane is at seven thousand feet doing 190 knots there is a following wind of 8mph,,and it is a dry day with no cloud...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The elephant is 1 ton in weight,,The mouse is 1lb in weight,,its a big mouse ,, OK ,, WE WILL TRY AGAIN,,What hits the ground first mouse or elephant....

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  • It depends how hard the elephant flaps its ears.

  • I thought everyone knew elephants are afraid of mice, no way would they stand side by side. He He :)

  • The eleflump :)

  • Depends on which one jumps out first?

  • Since they will experience the same gravitational pull, if jumping simultaneously, they'll both land together .... splat! :)

  • Hi Nowheeze

    I'm with you. They both land at the same time.


  • I thought that too - no honestly :)

    Bev x

  • the mouse will land first the elephant has more wind resistance and then there's the ear flapping African or Indian elephant?

  • both will suffer the same resistance - newtons law ... can't remember which one.... school was such a long time ago.... something to do with mass, force and gravity... :)

  • Oooh! You put yer fingers in the pc usb agen :D

  • Is it jumbo jet, has it taken off, are they tied together, at what altitude did they humph, sorry thinking of something else, what was the barometric pressure at the time, how much wind sheer was there, were they crated, if so, were they crated together or individually, were customs informed,did they really jump, if so why, was it another terrorist attack by the gremlins in disguise :O :H

  • Experimenting on animals is cruel and unnecessary Isaac Newton worked this out with apples..

  • And a feather according to history, the hefy lump an wee timorous beasty is funny :P

  • My god,,is there no one who can answer a simple question,, :D

  • Don't be silly - of course not! :)

  • Would someone wake me up when you have an answer. Thank you

  • The elephant coz the mouse would hitch a lift with it then jump off just as it hits the ground??

    Bev x

  • We'll have to wait for the accident investigation board's report I reckon. On the surface, it looks like a suicide pact but things are often never as they seem.


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