Thank you to Vicky the BLF nurse for great advice!

Thank you to Vicky the BLF nurse for great advice!

What a brilliant service!

I phoned Vicky at the BLF and she gave me loads of great advice about asthma, medicines, why whatever meds are necessary and all sorts of interesting info. I have never had a chat like that with a lung medical professional before, although I do admit to avoiding doctors whenever possible haha.

I now have an exact plan of which prescriptions to ask for from my allergy doc on Monday and then my GP in June.


koala xxxxx

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  • BLF to the rescue again

  • A big HATS OFF to all the BLF staff from all of us :)


  • I totaly agree hear hear... :)

  • What they said x :)

  • BLFare pretty darn good. That reminds me, where did I put that direct debit form? Bob

  • Way to go BLF !! :) *applauds* and so glad they were able to help you so effectively koala

    keep on keeping on ....


  • So great to have the support only a phone call away and a wonderful service for us to tap into!!

    Jim :)

  • They are great. Join and support them everyone.

    Lynne xx

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