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Sorry feeling out of sorts

I am sorry for not posting on peoples blogs yesterday and so far today but I felt my negativity was not really for sharing but I need to explain my tears posting on Tuesday so here goes.

My friend died on Tuesday evening. This lady was sort of my life line and helped me out of my pit of despair many times but I couldn't help her when she needed it. We had only been friends for 5 years but I felt as though our friendship was meant to be. She used to come and see me nearly every day and she became one of those friends who just walked in and put the kettle on often just making herself one and having to be reminded that I might like one as well - I am sure some of you have friends like that. I have family but sometimes you can tell a friend things you can't tell your family and that is how it was with us. We accompanied each other to hospital appointments, argued which plants would suit our gardens, commiserated with one another when she got a speeding ticket and I got a parking one and by god will I miss her xxx

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Extra big (((hug))) x

Tears and feeling out of sorts is allows. Grieve for your friend. ((((hugs)))) x x

Sorry to hear your sad news

Sorry, jandan. Unfortunately life never stays the same - people come and people go. It is very hard to lose a close friend that has meant so much to you. A hug here is indicated and the thought that you came and talked to us.

Love and hugs for you, and no explanations necessary for us, jan. That's what friends are for :) xx

Keep on keeping on remembering the happier times x

I had a friend once that used to say friendship was the best ship that ever sailed I think he may have well been right, I send you a big cuddle x

So sorry to hear the sad news.



Friends like that are very precious and I'm sure that there will be a great gap in your life, so sorry jandan.

Lib x

Hello Jandan

I'm so sorry to hear that your very good friend died. From what you have said, she sounded like a really great friend - a true friend.

My friend, Jo, seems to be much as your friend was.

Jo will tell me exactly what she thinks of my new dress etc ("That's really nice" or "Did you actually pay money for that - it's bloody awful"). When she arrives, she's 'at home'. I love seeing her and I'm so happy that she's my friend.

I hope that you come to terms with your loss and are able to looks ahead.

Lots of love and hugs



She is still in your head,,and will pop in and out of your life for a long long time,,nice memories,,.. :)

Raptor has said it well. Sad news Jandan

I,m so sorry Jan, It,s so hard loosing a friend who just fits so well into your life it,s like they,ve always been there.

I know you will always miss her but slowly the memories of the daft & funny things you said & did together will take over the sadness & soon you,ll be able to softly smile again


So sorry to hear the news, a big hug from me. I still miss my Sam but being on here does help a little. Tina x

It will feel like a big hole in your life ,but eventually the memories will fill it

Best wishes Jandan


My heartfelt sympathy. True friendship is a rare commodity and will be missed. xx

So sorry for your loss. Its very sad to lose such a friend.

I'm so sorry for your loss, good friends are hard to live without, hope you know you have many, caring friends here for you ,to share good times and bad times always, big hugs xxx

Aww, I'm so so very sorry that your friend has passed on. I have a friend just like that so I think I know how much she must have meant to you. But do you know something, some people live their life never having experience the feeling of true friendship. So she was lucky to have found you and you her. I'm sending you a great big hug. In time you'll be able to look back at things she did and things she said and you will smile, altho it probably doesn't feel like that now. Maybe if you listen carefully you may hear her words of wisdom and words of comfort coming to you. xx

Oh I am so sorry Jandan. She sounded like a brilliant person and I bet you will really miss her. Friends like that don't come along every day. I lost a friend like that a few years ago. She was such a great person and would give you the shirt off her back.

Hugs and kisses love xxxxx

Bev xxx

So sad. Take care of you now.

I am so sad for you - my very bestest friend passed away in November last year and to be honest I still have days I cry for her. I miss her so deeply - the only thing I can say is that the pain of loosing her becomes more bearable with time and you will be able to smile and remember all those very personal memories. Take good care of yourself. With much love TAD xx

How very sad Jandan. Really good friends are hard to come by but it goes to show that you can make such friends at any time in your life. Your time together sounds wonderful and what lovely memories to hold on to. Take care of yourself and sending lots of love. xxxx

A friend once told me that the people we love are only ever on loan to us and it's so true. Grieve for her for as long as you need to and in your own way.

Love and prayers x

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