Fraudulent behaviour

Although I have emphysema stage four I do pretty well. I get about more or less ok, if a bit slowly. I have cataracts in one eye, a dodgy knee, tendonitis in my thumbs and a nagging wife. But all in all I am in pretty good shape.

When I look at those on here with real problems like, severe asthma, bronchiectasis, cancer and arthritis I feel a bit of a fraud that I am getting off so lightly. So, to pay for my fraudulent behaviour I will keep on trying to bring a smile to your faces with the odd “funny” now and then. If I get too cheeky just slap me.

Love to all from Bobby xxx

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  • Hmmmmmmm,,the nagging wife is just a cross some of us have to bear,,at least if they are nagging us,,some other poor soul is happy,,hahahahahah :D

  • Blimey is that all you have? ;)

    Try Tesco's I believe they're doing a buy one, get one free offer on all sorts of additional conditions and if you get it home and don't like it, you can return within 14 days.

    I don't have cataracts but I do have an incredibly visious puddy tat, does that count?

  • nast puddy's count as a major problem. Anyway, I can't stop I'm off to Tesco's Bobby xxx

  • hi phillips1 you say you are stage 4 enphysemia may i ask at what stage was you at when you were told you had emphysemia and if you are on oxegen now at anytime

    and also if you smoked sorry about all the questions just think you are doing well

  • Hi Music

    I was diagnosed stage 3 around11 years ago. I was smoking at that time. My resting sats are usually 94/95 but they drop to 86/87 when taking exercise so I then use 2 litres per minute of oxygen. My last FEV1 in March was 31%, down just 2% from 4 years ago. I hope this helps. If not please come back. Bob

  • thanks for info bob and i know we are all diferant but can you remember your fev1 when first diagnosed

    down just 2% from 4 years is good

  • I don't remember them taking it then. Did they do it 11 years ago? I was under a different doctor at that time. Bob

  • Philips1, I feel very much like yourself. Some annoying things wrong with me, but appreciate the good humour from you and many in the group. I think people with major problems can come here and talk to people with lesser problems who can listen. Humour tossed in as well.

    Nothing wrong in being cheeky - why not? I have a feeling that your lovely wife isn't so bad xx

  • She is gorgeous and I love her very much Bobby xxx

  • I am at stage 4 emphysema and like you Bobby I feel that I get off lightly when I read what others go through. I have a caring husband who is really good, can't imagine how people cope on their own. It's just the thought of someone being there, the company, help with cooking etc. and he's excellent at washing my back - you know that little bit in the middle which you just can't reach which ever way you go. So I know I'm very lucky and keep the 'smiles' coming Bobby and all the best to everyone.

    Lib x

  • I have just ordered a new case of smiles especially for you Bobby xxx

  • Oh, Bobby, thank you for being you. You put a smile on all our faces :) I wasn't feeling too chirpy this morning, but you've changed my mood. Thanks x x :)

  • Anytime maam, anytime. Love from Bobby xx

  • .I think thats lovely that you think of other people ,i live on my own and do get scared as i do have a lot of health problems ,but like you say a lot more people are worse of than ourselves

    I miss my husband he had dementia ,and although it was hard work the last 2 years of his life if i could turn the clock back i would take care

  • Your husband was a very lucky man to have you. I know how you feel being alone as I am left alone all day. It's the worry of something going wrong and nobody being there to help. I try to spend my time getting into mischief, it passes the hours. Love from Bobby xxx

  • Hi Bobby you have been making my day for the last two months or so I love your cheeky sense of humor & expect you to keep it up old chap :D

    I feel a fraud on here some days hence my sad attempts at humor myself :D

    Between us & King & azaard & raptor has been known to crack the odd funny :) we,ll keep everyone happy, & we mustn't forget alwayssmiling, exblond, & nowheeze cause the have me tittering& both Libby & lib & jandan

    in fact lets be honest we,re a funny bunch all round on here so here,s to cheerful fun packed days ahead :D :D

    love n stuff

    Karen xx

  • Sillywitch

    I think I would replace the word "funny" with "strange" or even "odd". Nah, they are a wonderful bunch on here. Love from Bobby xx

  • Another stage 4 emphysema here. I do ok to compared to a lot of members here. Unlike Bobby, I have no other health problems. I feel a bit of a fraud to sometimes. I had a stent put in two years ago but I've had no problem with that, well, for two years ! :)

  • I'm another 'lucky' one with just COPD to contend with as I don't count one blood pressure tablet daily as an 'illness' :)

    The only time this really hits me is when I have an exacerbation and - thank goodness - that hasn't happened now for over 15 months *madly crosses fingers after typing this* and ...

    keeping on keeping on ...


  • I too am stage 4 and on oxygen 15/24, I have osteopenia but count myself lucky that is all. I am 70 going on 50, still drive and get out most days. I think a lot has to do with attitude! Keep smiling

    Carole x

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