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Do I have a chest infection or not - that is the question

Think it might well be a trip to the GP on Friday when I have a day off as coughing lots and producing lots of phlegm. Colour ok. Aren't we gross! Can't go tomorrow as too busy 1 meeting and 2 court hearings. Hubby said I was looking really ill yesterday and people at work have said I look awful! Got visitors from France till Monday luckily they are good friends but don't speak English so have to speak French all the time.

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Take your temp. That could tell you something. If you have, dont wait until Friday. it all depends how you feel in yourself, alanjudy. Not necessarily how you look. All the best from annieseed..


Go see gp soonest dont wait till friday..


The work will still be there when you come back,,take the time to see the doc,,it is impossible to function at your best when you are ill.. :)


good luck in cort


Don't be a hero.See your doctor ASAP=NOW.



Agree with the others, GP tomorrow, treat it sooner will mean less time away from work, leave it to get a deeper hold and you could be out for ages. Thinking positive is good, but you cannot will an infection away. Obey the King ... 'doctor ASAP=NOW'.

love Anna x


Don't leave it too long like I did I'm now on my second anti b and course of steroids. If I were you I would get to the dr tomorrow I wonder if you can ring your dr and talk over the phone maybe she could leave a script in reception for you and then you could get someone to pick it up and get it filled.



Not sure what condition you have but if you have bronchiectasis (all i know about) then get to the docs pronto. Signs for me are

1)chest pain

2) peak flow drops (by 140 last week)

3)more phlegm and changes in colour

4) tired


6) grumpy

good luck xx


Thanks all of you. Seriously can not go tomorrow. I have extra antibiotics at home so will start them tonight and see the GP on Friday. Have managed to talk all evening in French so .....


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Hi alanjudy, I was advised to send in a sputum sample, even if you can't get to see a dr, as they can then test what bacteria is causing the infection and make sure you're on the right antibiotics. Can anyone run one down to the docs for you, if you've no time? In the meantime carry on with your emergency supply and don't forget to drink plenty of fluids; herbal teas, such as peppermint, elderflower, rosehips and yarrow are all good. Good luck and try to get as much rest as possible. Sending you cyberhugs and blessings.


I have just taken the first antibiotic from my emergency supply!



that is good, :) wish you better



This is tricky and not as straightforward as it might seem. I think everyone is correct about seeing your GP but I have realised something with me like this.

This time last year my GP said I had a chest infection and gave me ABs. I have the same exactly now. But I have no cold, no mucous, what little I can summon up is clear, but I am chesty and wheezy off and on. It's my hay fever. If I puff on my salbutomol, it goes. If it was a chest infection, I don't think it would. I am now starting to think that I didn't have a chest infection last year.

I plan to discuss it with my respiratory nurse when I next go.

Lynne xx


It is really difficult to work out and time is of the essence if it is a chest infection. My husband (who suffers with COPD) was told that if two of the following symptoms increase/get worse that he should start antibiotics straight away:-

1) more coughing

2) different colour phlegm

3) more breathless

So we always work on that system.

It might just be that you are doing so much and you are tired. Good luck and hope you start to feel better soon. TAD xx


I follow the same rules myself, and have rescue meds at home ready to take. My community Matron leaves my notes here and if I'm feeling "off" I can look up which symptoms to take notice of, as sometimes I find if feeling poorly it can be a bit difficult to judge correctly. Best wishes and hope you feel much better soon. xx


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