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Managing a long-term condition?


Managing a long term condition? We want to hear your views!

Share your thoughts and contribute to the British Lung Foundation’s work in this area by completing our short survey.

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Filled out form easy.

Fantastic Ashtray - thanks so much!

The link appears to no longer be working?

It's working fine here rattles. Try again and if it's not working drop me an email to and I'll sort you out.

Anybody else having issues?

Its working now, thank you, i shall fill it in

Great, thanks!


Working - and completed.

in reply to Hidden

Fantastic, thanks for your help!

No problems with the link this morning, so all filled in.

Great stuff - thanks for your input huffnpuffer!

Last question is difficult as two halves to it but only one yes or no

I'm sorry to hear this Carole. Perhaps if you answer the first in the tick-box then answer the second with details in the comments box?

Survey complete :)

Do we get to find out the results ? I'm sure we would all be interested in the conclusions :)

Keep on keeping on ....


Good, thoughtful questions.

Done. With great satisfaction and hope that things will change in the nhs.

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