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If any moderators are about, would it be possible to have an edit button please.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that's continually clicking reply, only to discover too late, my fingers didn't keep up with my brain, and there are glaring omissions and typos.

I usually end up copying, deleting the post and starting again, pasting the original and then correcting. An edit button would save a lot of time :)

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I edit my stuff before sending it - using the back space key - works for me anyway.

So do I, but there are those times when I miss the errors and click the reply button before I've noticed them.

An edit button would certainly help those like me that are a little too hasty :)

Im sure i have used an edit button on this site ,so dont where its gone!!!

This is the only forum I'm on that doesn't have an edit button

. Surprising given that many of us on here are of that age when the memory and attention span start to play tricks with us :)

Hi, there's an edit function on blogs not not replies. Maybe there will be one for replies when the changes they are making to the site are implemented. Would be useful, I agree.

There is an edit button on the "write a blog" section, but not in the ask a question or on the "reply to this" part ... I can't understand why either ?

Keep on keeping on ....


I just don't make mithtakes xxx

I noticeddd :) :) :)

Nowt perfect have to get on with living with what we have.

I have to disagree with that, I look forward to all new innovations. One of the joys of having children is the amount of new stuff they can teach you :)

If life and our experience of it can be improved in any way, go for it.

I can certainly live without an Edit Button, but as the facility is so easy to add, and it would be helpful to us older folk, why not try for it.

Never give up is, my motto :)

Edit is coming in the next release, so they said a while ago. We've always been able to edit the original message if we start a blog or question, but not the replies.

Colour could be good too - looking forward to writing everything in light green on a yellow background ! :D

Thanks for that, Gordon. There are a number of things that would improve the site that's for sure.

How about being able to post reasonable sized photographs, and you could always have a Smiley selection Button ;) :)

Being able to put a photo in the replies would be good too.

Don't want a lot do we? Hahahahaha ! Go BLF, go ! :)

:) Anything that will make the forum better can only be a good thing, it's a place where many people are spending a lot of time, anything to make the experience more comfortable is ok by me :)

It's not BLF who do it, they just have a part of the bigger Health Unlocked site. I heard from the site team some time ago about proposed changes, but have no idea what we will get, when they eventually release the new version.

Thanks Gordon, not only for your replies to me, but also for all the other work you do on here :)

It doesn't do any harm to give the Health Unlocked site people a bit of feedback as to what would help the folk they're catering for.

I'm sure like me and many others on here, that you visit numerous other types of forums, and in comparison this one would make a fortune on the Antiques Road Show :)

TO ERR IS HUMAN,,TO FORGIVE IS,,,Dependant on how much of a snobby prat the person reading it is....Mine is a hit or miss nowadays,, hahahahahah :)

The beauty of an edit button isn't only for the typos etc , but it gives people the opportunity to rethink if they've reacted a little heavy handedly. to possibly rephrase something in a more sensitive manner :)

O,MY GOD,!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,The site will come out all PINK,,with all these women on here... :)

I am already colourful as are many others and I like them do not wish to be edited out,Hee HEE


The Edit button is only for yourself when you write something you wish to alter. Typos or unnecessary little digs :)

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