I want one of these

I want one of these

Sweetthing was having a nosey for what I had mentioned to you and found this funky item at least you may smile at this choice for you :)


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  • Wow, that looks clever and cool at the same time. Funky indeed :-)


  • No thanks jandan got something similar, it's in the glory hole gathering cobwebs, i find them to much hassle, have a habit of falling over when empty, to heavy to lift when full, and terrible on uneven pavements, i sprained my wrist trying to keep it upright, as waste of £'s in my book, sorry :(

  • It does look good. However I prefer the 4 wheeled ones that you push rather than pull along. Now my quest will be to find one that's got it's own seat! x x

  • walkandrest.com/

    This company is £50 cheaper than the first one shoppingtrolleysdirect.co.u...

  • Oh, yes. That would be ideal! Thanks Jan x x :)

  • Jandan

    Surely that's for old people. We don't have any old people on here do we? Love from Bobby xxx

  • You're so right Bobby, no oldies or wrinklies on here - those trollies are for people who don't want arms like an orangutan :)

  • well said, phillips1 I only use my buggy because I think I am Lewis Hamilton!

  • annieseed

    And there's me thinking I'm Stirling Moss. Does that make me old? Oh no!

  • Annie I was really disappointed because I couldn't come and visit a few weeks ago, I think we would have got on well because we have the same attitude! Maybe next time I visit my daughter. Oh by the way I am David Coultard :D Keep smiling.

    Carole x

  • You aren't old Phillips1 - Colin Firth stand aside.

  • Slow down ,slow down,all you 'boy racers'

  • Thank you very much, but the trouble is I can't push the wheelchair and pull the trolley at the same time, and if I put the two oxygen cylinders on the wheelchair I can't push that either. Like I say, he refuses to get a mobility scooter, he says why should he pay out his money when he has me to push him.

    I had to take him to the clinic today, we couldn't park near as there were people without badges parked in the disabled spots so I had to push him uphill with two cylinders on the wheelchair. I will be having an heart attack before long due to all the stress. I told the receptionist about the parking and she just shrugged her shoulders.

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