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Jo from BLF mentioned aqueous cream yesterday and to be carefull because of something it contains, unfortunately can't get to the post to see what it was, anyhow i called in Lloyds pharmacy this morning just out of curiosity, for people who suffer from eczema as well as respiratory problems they highly recommend Oilatum for babies, i bought some £2.50 as i have really dry skin, will let you all know how it goes. :)

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Good luck.

Here's a link to Jo's blog.


Hi azaard

They gave me some aqueous cream when I as in hospital with Cellulitis. It brought me out in a rash. I think they said it was the paraffin in it. Bobby

Got to be careful with some of these skin treatments - here's one story I remember from my local hospital:


azaard in reply to Gordon57

I agree Gordon it can be dodgy stuff, must admit I've never noticed a warning on any skin product, I've just checked mine, E45, Calamine and vaseline non have warning, about flammability not good.

sillywitch in reply to Gordon57

My granddaughter has eczema, & although neither parent smokes they love barbiques in the summer, thanks Gordon & azaard for the heads up on this cream,

Karen xxxx

Azaard, I often use pure coconut oil, you can get it in any chemist. It's cheep and cheerful and most importantly it works. I prefer GOK'S body butter it's gorgeous rich and luxurious. In Ireland we can only buy it in Boots at Christmas time in gift sets so I but it for all my friends and stock up on it for myself.

I get a nasty case of excema on my face and the only cream I can find that can ease it is Oilatum face repair cream....but at £7.65 a tube, it is a bit pricey. oh and the fact that I can only buy it in boots is a pain as my nearest one is a bus ride away!

Lyn x

I have Eczema as well as Asthma, and whilst I never smoke, have always been warned to be careful near heat sources when covered in greasy creams. Lyn1969 have you tried sourcing Oilatum Face Repair Cream on line, I have seen it for sale on there.

Try Dream Cream from LUSH cosmetics. This cream is made from everything good for the skin. I use it whenever I get a rash - many of my former co-workers now pack it for their holidays as it is good as an after sun and soothing should sunburn occur.

LUSH also make a Dream Wash, I use it in the bath as it is difficult to rinse off the residue! Still swear by it for skin problems.

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