Seeing specialist Monday & Your experience of Montelukast (Singulair)

Hello :-)

I am seeing my allergy / ENT specialist on Monday.

Here is my plan so far, any feedback and advice from you would be most welcome:

I am planning to ask for two separate asthma sprays instead of Seretide so I can take a short acting beta agonist without the corticosteroid when needed. Maybe Ventolin & Becotide or Fluticasone.

I'll ask him for a strong antihistamine for nighttime

Then I was wondering about asking for Singulair ie Montelukast. As someone with asthma and rhinitis, with loads of allergies I wonder if it'd help me. My Mum who has the same medical conditions as me (spookily similar!) is on it but she couldn't say much because she's on other stuff too.

I've read mixed reports about it, some say it helps a lot but quite a few say it made them terribly anxious, edgy and irritable. The mood changing side effects sounded worrying, I don't fancy any of that.

Have any of you tried Singulair? How do / did you find it?



koala x

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  • Hi Koala

    Vicky one of our resp nurses has a special interest in the group of drugs Montelukast belongs to, Vicky is in tomorrow - would you like her to call you?



  • Hi Jo,

    Oh wow, that would be absolutly brilliant!

    I'm in Belgium, so if phoning abroad is a problem I could ring her. I'll send you a PM with my phone number. I'll be at home all day tomorrow so finding time won't be a problem!

    Thanks :-)


  • I take montekulast and have experienced any problems

  • hi annieseed

    Thanks for your reply.

    I just wanted to double check what you meant (like Jo does). I'm not sure if you mean you had loads of problems, or if you were fine and didn't have any problems.

    Hope you didn't!

    Does it help you with any symptoms like your breathing, nose or anything?

    koala x

  • Oh dear! Oh dear! Why dont I check what I write. "have NOT" should have been.

  • That is great news then!

    Does it help? Has it got rid of mucous, or helped your breathing in your lungs or nose?


  • i think it must help.I would have to stop taking it to find out.

  • Hi annieseed

    Is that no problems or many problems with Montelukast?



  • Well I've been put on Singular twice and found it made no difference at all.

  • applalison

    Thanks for your reply.

    What a pity it didn't do anything for you :-( What condition were you taking it for?

    I've read that our reaction to Singulair is very genetically-bound. I think that's actually the case for a lot of medicines, for example, I also read that around 40% of people don't react to asthma sprays because of their genes.

    koala x

  • Hi Koala, hope you are feeling OK today. I am recovering fro a lung resection. I have lung disease but they do not know what. They only know what it isn't so they do not know how to treat me. Monitoring sees favourite at the moment! Good luck, appyalison :-)

  • I'm on my 2nd course of Montelukast. GP is testing to see if it helps me. At the end of 1st course I began to have a sense of smell for the 1st time in years. Unfortunately I couldn't get an appt for a repeat so had to start over again.

  • peeg

    Thanks for your reply.

    Getting your sense of smell back is a massive indicator it was working, wow!

    I have just had a chat with Vicky the BLF nurse and will definitely follow her advice: switch to Becotide & Ventolin and add in Montelukast. Assuming my doctor will agree, and I don't see why he or my GP shouldn't.


    koala xxxx

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