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Asthma Awareness Survey

Hi, I'm a uni student, currently studying Graphic Design. I am doing a project on raising asthma awareness within children. As part of my research I have created a short survey to get an idea of what people may or may not know about asthma, which could influence my final design.

If you could complete my survey it would be much appreciated.

(Just to let you know it only has 11/12 questions mostly multiple choice)

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Hi graaaace29

I've filled it in :-)

Just one thing, some questions were a little awkward because there wasn't an option saying "several of the above" or "all" for example the one about who suffers most from asthma age-wise. You could only choose one whereas maybe the youngest and eldest do? I am guessing though because in my family we all developed it at a young age and had it from then on, but you hear of children growing out of it. Then the top three important things, I wanted to tick more!

Good luck with your design and studies! It's a fantastic idea that a graphic designer would produce info on asthma :-)



Hi I tried to do your survey but kept on getting error , don't know what I did wrong.

Teachers as well as children in schools need more info I think, I have seen a number of children suffering asthma attacks and teachers don't understand or realise how serious it can be, and what they should do.


Thank You! And I agree I think if someone doesn't suffer from asthma or have someone close to them with asthma No one knows how serious it is. Part of the reason I'm doing it was because I stayed at a friends and had an attack and they had no idea what to do and just freaked out.

Thank you again

P.s I'll check if there's any problems with the survey.


Well done you Graaace. This probably won't fit on your survey but youngsters with asthma or Cystic Fibrosis need to be warned to stay away from compost and mould spores.

Will do your survey in a bit. Good luck with it. P


I suggest investigating Salt Cave treatment-v. effective inc. with children of all ages. see eg

Edinburgh branch online . This Halotherapy is standard practice in Russia and Eastern Europe.


I have completed your survey, but haven't been able to answer it all the way I would like, because there are errors in the survey. On some questions there needs to be multiplie choice answers.


Of also if you are really interested, Asthma UK are campaigning to get Asthma Awareness in Schools better recognised, worth looking up!


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