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Why is it?

I spent all weekend coughing up various shades of sputum, saw my GP yesterday and was told that the last test at micro biology I had grown a very unusual bug, not normally found in this country and it does not respond to most antibiotics. (With the exception of ciprofloxacin which I can't take)

When I got home there was a letter from the Consultant saying almost the same but could they have a another sample asap.

So I got the sample bottle and like magic the cough stopped. That little jar seems to work better than antibiotics.

My wife has just taken the tiny sample to the surgery, and the productive cough is back.

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50 shades of green - when asked to describe my sputum, I felt like taking a dulux paint catalogue and picking the shade from there.


That's just typical moneal, same as when you walk into the dentist your toothache goes.

Lib x


I have found that having a sample jar at home means you can take a sample to show them what it looks like, most times the GPs just look and say thanks, you can throw that away now, but sometimes they say they will send it away, apparently it helps them decide what is going on.

Like you I have looked at the colour charts you can find on the net, but my samples never seem to be the same shades as theirs, Dulux definitely come closer to it, and now I will never be able to have a shade of green paint in the house



Have a good laugh that will release the sputum

Please read the KOTC humour show

your daily tonic


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