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what a rubbish day


Well today i finally had to go to the job centre,,i have been sending in sick notes for the last year, so i knew my time to visit was drawing near,,I have been placed on the work/support group, i now have to go for a medical through them,they disregard all what my doctor/ consultant says, what the hell,, It doesn,t matter to them i,m just a number, never mind i can,t breathe and that my hands get so painful they become useless for a few hours,,so my next app is 23rd may when the man who has the job of looking after will phone me at 8.30 am (no sleeping in then) lucky me may get re-trained,,lol,, can,t remember what i did yesterday,never mind learning a new skill,,so i suppose this is another chapter in my life,,anyway i ended up going into Weymouth for a much needed coffee, bought 2 pairs of shoes, and some pretty,s for the garden,,oh well no use worrying i suppose,,have 30 months to go then i can retire,,

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Sorry to hear you've had a bad one chrissie :( but do believe there will probably be some good ones coming your way soon too :)


keep on keeping on ....

xx and ((((((hugs))))))))

Hello Chrissie

I don't understand why Job Centre people think that they know more than a person's doctor/consultant. It beggars belief!

I'm really sorry that you are having such a hard time.

What are your new shoes like?

I try not to look out onto my garden too often. It is fairly tidy (I have the grass cut every couple of weeks) but because I am not as sprightly as I was It is very rare for me to plant anything. In spring I do have some flowers (from bulbs). The daffodils have come and gone but tulips are flowering now.

A few years ago, I planted some seeds a friend gave me and every year since they have spread. I'm not sure how to spell the name of the flowers but they are absolutely beautiful - aquilesia(?). I saw today that they are about to flower.

Love and hugs



Lynne1955 in reply to Pepsicoley

Aquilegias. They will really take over your whole garden. Perhaps think about removing some seed heads before they shed the seeds. I am not exaggerating either.

Lynne xx


What a shame it's not a good day for you,however a bit of retail therapy,no doubt cheered you up!! Unfortunately we have all probably been there,with the powers to be! Not long till your retirement,so focus on that,IF you could learn a new skill,& maybe a bit more money,that might cheer you up in the end,& make the time go faster! However I appreciate you can only do what you are capable of,& they can't force you otherwise can they?I am ignorant of the British law(being in Aus so long)

Good luck, Wendells xx.

they wont force her Wendells,they just wont pay her any benefit, jim


In future you will be known as number 7. My sympathies are with you. These people are so ignorant and unfeeling. I hope you get sorted in the end. Bobby xx

Thank you for all your comments,,well i suppose its onwards and upwards from now on,,decided not to dwell on it until my medical,,as for gardening,,i now have some contractors coming to stabalise my back garden,,it resembles a cliff face, and i kid you not,, so unsafe,,they are going to strip it back and tier it,,and put steps in up the side so i can get to the swing that sits at the top,,fab views of Portland from there,,,have managed to put bark down in the front, so only have a little patch of lawn now, and i can just manage that,,and shoved pots all over the place for colour,,, breathe easy everyone and have a good day xx

Hi Chrissie

Just to let you know that i was put in the wrag and the guy told me that i could not appeal the decision that had been made.

I left and went to cab who helped me to take it to tribunal.Must admit it was a very worrying time,sleepless nights etc.

After three months i received a letter to tell me that i was being put in support group and no medical was now needed.

It may pay you to go to cab to see if they can help you to appeal.

Wishing you all the best.


chrissie53 in reply to lornadoon

Hi lornadoon

I have put in a appeal, went through age concern,, nothing against cab, but a old lady does it, and she is such a ditherer that i cannot be bothered to sit there while she swots up on the new systems,,have got my MP involved but will not hold out much hope,,,i have to write to him tonight anyway,,i want to know why the people who look after me dr,s consultants are totally disregarded,, for gods sake they know me,,these medical people don,t

Before I retired eighteen months ago I was in a work support group and one (yes one) month before retirement I was given an appointment with ATOS in Guildford. I rang ATOS and pointed out that the appointment was three weeks before I retired and there did not seem to be much point and it was a waste of money and my time. The insisted that I had to go and warned me of the consequences.

After phoning and plaguing the DWP I won! But wait four weeks later I received a reminder that I had not attended. I blew my top, they promised to sort it and so far I haven't heard any further, give me strength!



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