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Urgent acute on chronic lung bleeding. my bro-in-law is suffering from lung bleeding. Docs hv tried all tests, but with no avail, need help

My bro-in-law had heart attack 2 years back. He had 2 stents placed and on clopidagril. In 2/13, he suffered from GI bleeding. Endoscopy revealed 3 polyps, but stopped bleeding. They have changed the blood thinner. Then, they did angiogram and did ballon angioplasty. Soon after angioplasty he started with fever in ICU, but subsided the next day. After discharge, he had recurrent fevers, but resolved with Tylenol. After testing it was detected as Stephyloccocus, got 7 days of IV. After 1 week again started with high fever and intermittent bleeding while coughing. He was started on IV. After 3 days, he started with rapid breathing and in hospital while on nebulization, bleeding increased. His condition has become critical. He was immediately placed in MICU and ventillation. Doctors hv tried all the tests, but the bleeding is intermittently returning for the past 2 weeks. Doctors are trying to do biopsy for cancer. He is still on intermittent ventillation and his condition is still critical. Can anyone please suggest how to go forward. Here in India, doctors are really not able to specify his disease.

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You really need to speak to your brother in laws doctors. It is impossible for anyone else to say what is causing the bleeding - the doctors have access to all his test results - they know his history etc.

I appreciate that this is a very worrying time for your family and I am sorry that I cannot give you anything more definite.

Please speak to the doctors and ask them to explain what they think may be happening.



Hope your brother is stabilizing real soon. Some times the docs give higher blood thinning meds to stop clotting but as Mark BLF suggests your best bet is to ask your brothers doctors to explain and ask what might be causing the lung bleed.

Thoughts are with you and your brother.


I had 2 stents put in nearly 2 years ago and was told to take the Clopidogrel for 1 year exactly and then stop them but carry on with the aspirin indefinately.



I had one stent put in 2 years ago. The same as maxer, take Clopidogrel for 1 year and stop that then continue with aspirin.


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