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Summer noise !!!! Arggg

I drove down to my daughters in Surrey on Saturday morning to spend a nice relaxing few days in the sun doing nothing ! Or so I thought.yesterday the day was spent going to see friends and family who I haven't seen since Xmas,running around here and there,playing with grandchildren and friends.relaxing ? No,not really,get too jiggered chasing about after a football with 3,6 and 7 year olds in the sun,granddads going in goal in the shade,and if it's not kicked directly to me ! I ain't chasing it.simple.was my reposte.

Today,my daughter says lets chill out in the garden.great I thought. I am now sitting indoors,with the doors closed while neighbours on one. Side have a BBQ with about 20 kids screaming,smoke and wafting burnt meat blowing in my direction,while the other side is cutting his lawn with a petrol mower,taking so long I think he must be the groundsman for wembly !!! Have had enough,can't wait to go home tomorrow.defiantly turning into a grumpy old git.!!

Would I do it all again ??????

Yea,couple of months be back cos I miss em all.

Mad or what.

Hope you all enjoying the sun

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You have my sympathies, jambo. I do like sitting in the garden which is possible during the week but the weekend ....barbies both sides, bless them! But we love our family.


Of course you miss em that's why you'll do it again, and again. Maybe best to go on a wet day!

Lib x


Agree with you,certainly weekdays and not weekends or bank holidays,those days best spent doing what you want to do,and not what others want you to do.

By the way,have been back in the garden but was chased back in by a wasp who thought he would have some fun terrorising and dive bombing me,am certain I heard it giggle on its last fly past... :):)


Jambo Habari ! We just got to chill out and go with the flow man.........

The alternative doesn't bear thinking about....


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