Abandoned car!

After getting a bit low yesterday my daughter offered to take me out for a meal and as her partner was paying what else could I say but yes.

So I girded those famous loins and took an extra pill and off I went :D All went well and I arrived on time and outside the restaurant there was my daughter waving at me because there was a parking space right outside the door (by the way this restaurant is all of 5 minutes away by car but a marathon away to walk). So there I was just backing into the space when some "ahole" drove straight in behind me :( There was still just enough space left but I panicked and got out of my car leaving it with the nose stuck right into the road!!

Now here is where it gets really funny - well I think so - grabbing my Ventolin and taking a good deep inhalation I really laid into this middle aged man with an obviously little "P" complex going by his car :D Meanwhile my daughter had taken my keys from me and had reversed my car into the space quite easily that wasn't the real point because I am sure I would have parked it eventually. But unfortunately there was a great queue of cars all of which were patiently waiting to go down the road and I had blocked it. However it was not me or my daughter who was embarrassed but the idiot who had parked without waiting because I got a round of applause and his bimbo wife made him say sorry and she sent a bottle of wine over in the restaurant. I just hope he has learnt his lesson




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I applaud your standing up for yourself and making the bully look an idiot. Unfortunately, I cannot applaud you for calling his very sensible sounding wife (apologies and wine tendered) a bimbo.


Just when I thought I had recovered from visions of those "girded loins" you bring them back. Now I have gone all giddy again. Loved the blog Jan, sounds like you had a great day. Love from Bobby xx


She called herself that when she sent the wine over it was with the message from the "Bimbo with the idiot" she actually was a good few years younger than him so she probably is used to people thinking that is what she is and like me chooses to laugh rather than cry :D

Splattered pc screen moment when I read your last sentence jandan !!! :O

Parked your lot,didn't you?

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