Grins and snickers......................KOTC

I was in the 10 item lane at the supermarket quietly fuming.

Completely ignoring the sign,the woman had pushed in front of me into the checkout line with a trolley piled high with groceries.Imagine my delight when the cashier beckoned the woman forward looked into the trolley and asked sweetly ''So which ten items would you like to buy?''

Wouldn't it be great if that happened more often?.



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  • It would be great if it happened more often but greater still if it was not necessary in the first place. It really annoys me to see young people climbing from a car and dashing into a supermarket having parked into a disabled, mother & child parking spot when there are plenty of other spaces available. Joyce

  • I agree with you

  • I get so angry with people who don't wait their turn and also like Joycs said young people who take spaces clearly marked for disabled parking.

  • Can'r agree more

  • Evelene You have just hit my pet hate, having ignored the very large car park at our local super market they park in a line on the double yellows making life difficult for everyone else.

    I should feel sorry for them really as they obviously can not walk as far as me.

    I wish our checkout staff would enforce the ten items in basket rule, instead I have to balance on my stick while they jump the wait at other tills.

  • No consideration.Is there?

  • I'd loved to have seen her face, King! I hate supermarket shopping, and there's always one, isn't there, who tries to do this!

    I hear what you're saying Evelene and Copdber, it is frustrating when those bays are abused, but then so is being able-bodied and caring for someone who has severe mobility problems.

    When my late hubby was still with us, I had to use a disabled parking bay - I was in a terrible rush, there were pain medications waiting for collection at the chemist and he really needed those pain meds. We had just been to see the a specialist who'd phoned our chemist with the details of the new drugs my hubby needed.

    I ran from the car, dashed into the chemist and duly signed the register, gathered up the opiates and rushed back to the car ..... only to be assaulted by a little old lady wielding a walking stick. She berated me for using that space, as she'd been forced to park over 300 meters away.

    Believe me, I wasn't that long in the Chemist, she must have hared up the street to confront me.

    You should have seen her face when I told her she was lucky she could walk 300 meters, as the passenger sitting in my car trumped her ailments - he had terminal cancer and couldn't walk 3 meters! Still never got an apology.

  • Plain rude

  • the thingis King, I look vey well, bright red cheeks, but I am not a well person apart from having C.O.P.D. I have bad arthritis, anaemia, insulin controlled diabetic, we always have just a basket, which we put in a trolley as it can be quite heavy, our sainburys has a basket checkout so I don't feel quilty of taking a trolley with the basket in, nor parking in a disabled slot


  • IO do the same as I need the trolley to be my walking aid

  • thatcham i do understand what your saying I look perfectly healthy too despite having lupus,copd, and arthritis I often get looks as I display my disabled parking sign. I'm talking about people who park in disabled spots who haven't a disabled sign displayed.

  • thanks gobdber, that also annoys me but there is never a traffic warden about

    when you wont one. I hope you get on ok


  • he, he. I usually call after them, "You've forgotten the baby" You should see their reaction. Bob

  • HEE Hee

  • love that

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