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I was having quite a nice day today but it ended with feeling really hacked off.

I took dog out in beautiful sunshine feeling happy and enjoying being entertained by her. She is very amusing.

Then I went to visit my mother in care home. One of the carers was talking about her neighbours (on both sides) who are on Jobseekers Allowance. She said they have all told her that they have never worked and don't want to. She is sure they all get more money than she does. I pointed out benefits aren't much but she felt annoyed she was working because she had a work ethic. She knows I can't find a job but then said there are lots of jobs out there. (There isn't for any type of job even the most menial). I found myself going through the usual I can't do physical work because of my health and need sit down work. She wasn't moved. And I found myself thinking why the hell do I feel I have to keep justifying myself to others because of their prejudices?

I then went to the pub to watch my team Man Utd being beaten by Chelsea listening to an Tory idiot justifying cutting benefits to the sick and disabled because he said around 10 pc of those are swinging the lead. He claimed it was ok because of that.

I then had to listen to him and a very ex boyfriend spitting vile at the number of black people in London. They claimed only 10 pc of Londoners are now white. Which is complete rubbish. My ex then started making little jokes about me to him and any others who would listen. I got sick of it so left my stool (with my coat on) at the bar and moved to a table to watch the match in peace. The ex then chucked my coat at me and it landed on the floor. For the second time that day I wondered what I had done to deserve dreadful people like that around me. I decided that I didn't deserve it and would rather be on my own than suffer that.

I am fed up with everything and everyone and wish that all these awful people would just go away.

So heres to lonliness...

Bev x

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Bev !! not everything and everyone, we are here and your dog and the sun, these things today were good. Don't let the idiots in the world ruin all the nice things Just think how silly that ex looked throwing your coat down, he would have looked like a child in a tantrum to all that saw him. Then wish him constipation .... :) :)

Anna xx

Just listened to toonamp's song on his blog - 'your going to reap just what you sow'....better not wish the constipation on the ex, you don't want to reap any of that - lol :)

Thanks guys. I just seem to be surrounded by bigoted prejudiced people. I am sick of this attitude where I live. Where are all the nice people? Apart from on here?

Maybe I should move but to where?

I already have constipation so I can wish it on him too! :)

Bev xx

thats ok then ... the power of thought, and as for the rest of them bigots, they are not worth your energy. :)

Oh dear, you do sound as if you had a rotten day, and after it started out so well.

But, as Psorias says, you still have us, and your dog, and you're lucky you had some sunshine - think of us that had a grey day with heavy clouds!

True. Thought I was the only night bird around :)

Bev xx

You're never alone on here :)

I can't sleep. I was sleeping, but my daughter phoned me and woke me up.... :( Now, I can't get back over to sleep.

Big hug to you Bev,just think of the nice part of the day! Best to feel sorry for the ignoramus out there,not happy people,goes without saying,easy to blame everyone else,than to look into the mirror!! Thank God he was an ex,you have a lot to be thankful for!! xxx

Hi there. As the others have said, the bigots/idiots aren't worth the effort of worrying about. You and your dog enjoy yourselves everytime you get out in the sunshine and forget them. I'm unfortunately listening to one of the other patients on the chest ward complaining at the nurses for absolutely nothing, one has just made me a very tasty cup of coffee; a long day looms. I'm sure there will be some humour involved at some stage though.

Take care, Richard.

Sorry to hear you ae in hospital Richard,hope you are feeling better.Well you will get the tasty coffee,& not the others! What goes around comes around,I believe.

Do hope you get some better company soon,

Take care, wendells xxx

Hi Richard, so sorry you are in hospital. I was hoping to see you tomorrow at the Breath Easy meeting. Hope you are soon home and back on your feet. Joyce

I know it's easier said than done Bev, but could you make some new, nicer friends where you live? Perhaps join a group or a club? That way you can ignore these people who are sucking the life out of you.

Lynne xx

Hypercat - there are days when nothing goes right. Your day, yesterday, was one of them. I sympathise but think tomorrow, I can make a fresh start. Hopefully you meet nice people, it can be anywhere. People you meet when you walk the dog. Have a glass of positivity But then come on here and see what happens. Have to deal with nasty people - I wonder if not reacting in any way is useful. Nasty people do like an audience. Just turn your back without a word.

See bad people, and take a different direction, hypercat. There are plenty of nice ones out there. On here especially.

No name change yet - mine should change on Tuesday!

You right there annieseed! Only place I am guaranteed brilliant people. Wish everyone was like my friends here.

Bev xx

Hello Bev

It's difficult but you have to ignore these ignorant people. I wonder what they would think if they were in need of benefits - no doubt it would be different for them!!!! People who say nasty things aren't worth the candle.

Love and hugs



Reason for been an ex is disliking them avoid the dislikes an Chelsea are a tory team so can dislike them easy . Believe in you then the rest dont count when they disagree with what you believe.

(((((warm hug for hypercat))))))))))) move here to Yorkshire, Bev - it's well known that it's one of the friendliest places in the UK - you would be made most welcome :)

keep on keeping on ....


Thanks elian - got a spare room? Actually I was born not that far from Yorkshire in Manchester. Folk very friendly there too. Been thinking of moving back for that reason.

Lots of friendly hugs back ((((elian)))) :)

Bev xxx

Hi Bev...have just read your blog and felt so peed off for you - I think I can relate to how you may have felt yesterday.

It amazes me to hear the number of people, who often totally ignorant of their facts, feel the need to spread prejudice and hatred to all around them. I find that they usually pick on subjects which they pretty much know others will back them on. This then gives them a boost and makes them feel bigger and better. Negative folk who rarely want to speak of anything good - yeah...they hack me off too.

Big hug : -) Lovelight xxx

Well Bev what a horrible day for you but people can be so stupid and insensitive and they don't always realise it. You do not ever have to justify yourself to anyone and you are right, there are no jobs out there as my daughter is trying to find one to fit around our grandson. There is very little out there and who has the right to judge you anyway? Nobody! There are lots of nice people about and you are one of them so will attract someone decent one day very soon I hope. Good luck to you and don't let the b......s grind you down, you are better than that.

Sending hugs and lots of good wishes. Love the sound of your dog too. Bless. xxxxx

Try to keep smiling,you deserve some happiness!

Thanks one and all. Knew you would all understand. So the beginning and end of my day is good! Well thats something I guess.

I live in Torquay Devon. There are a lot of great people here but unfortunately there are lots of horrible folk too. Most of the good people are 'outsiders' ie not born here. In my experience most of the horrible folk are the Devonians (with apologies to any Devonians here) though I do have a couple of native friends. I find Devonians generally to be insular, sexist, racist, emotive and very rude. I have a theory that the nicer the place the nastier the people and vice versa. I have lived long in Manchester and London and never encountered such awful people as in here! Even the good Devonians agree with me. One who has travelled extensively is great, but she said having come back here she was extremely embarrassed by their behaviour. Living here is like going back to the 1960's in terms of attitudes and sexist and racist rubbish.

I keep promising myself to one day move back up north with the friendly folk! When my mum has gone I probably will.

Keep well everyone. Lots of hugs to you all xxxx

Bev xx

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