Oxygen for 5 days in Paris


I am on continuous oxygen, currently supplied by Air Liquide. At the end of May I want to spend 5 days in Paris, travelling by Eurostar. Does any body have any practical experience of how this is done?

I had assumed there would be some reciprocal arrangement, like with the EHIC, enabling you to get oxygen delivered for a foreign holiday for free, but it seems this isn't the case at all. The Internet is awash with private companies offering to rent and sell oxygen equipment, but I don't know if it really the case that I need to buy my own oxygen - I hope not!

Please could I have any advice or practical experience please? I'm sure it shouldn't be this difficult!

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  • I really don't know as I don't need oxygen but I would suggest you phone the BLF helpline and they might be able to help.

    Lynne xx

  • Phone the helpline and they'll send you a holiday information pack , I've been told you can claim the money back from the EHIC ?

    I'm hoping to go abroad and I need oxygen so it's all new to me as well, let me know how you get on.

    Ronnie x

  • Wasn't there a BLF blog about this recently? Have a look, you may find what you need to know. P

  • Hi Oxcat1

    I went on a river cruise near Paris this time last year.I use 6lt of oxygen when moving but not at rest.I used a contact obtained through BLF. They were quite helpful and efficient but it did cost me over £300 for 5 days.

    Regards Ed

  • my oxygen co. gives you a batterie operated one, it only goes to 3 but on pulse it goes to 5, so i used that and i had my old man push me in a wheel chair a lot of the places, cal your hotel they always have them and call airline they have them to, go easy not hard...

  • Hi Oxcat1

    If you haven't already done so, have a look at the link below, this tells you how you can order oxygen in France.

    As always please give us a call if we can help further - 03000 030 555.




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