Dymista (new treatment for hay fever)


Thought I'd post this as a separate blog for anyone struggling with hay fever (excessive pollen levels are expected this year)

Only just approved by NICE, available on prescription, it's a combo of antihistamine & fluticasone, in a nasal spray

I already use fluticasone in both a nasal spray (Flixonase) and inhaler (Flixotide) so might ask if I can swap the Flixonase for this during the hay fever season

ff x

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  • Though that was get yet wind screen lmao. ;)

  • Oops! ( fer yer )

  • Thanks Fairyfootsteps, it is a problem and I will check that out.

    Azzard, I have no idea what you are on about, well I do really, and humour is fine in its place, but please let people do some serious posts too.

    Lynne xx

  • Perhaps we need a chat room for the more humorous chatty posts? I am still scratching my head to understand the reference to plums etc, seem to have missed the joke there. It's getting a bit like a private club . . .

    ff xxx

  • Thanks for the info my son suffers really badly with hay fever very little works so I will pass this onto him and hopefully it will help, I think unless people suffer from it they dont understand how badly it affects people do they. Best wishes Julie xxxxxx

  • Will pass that on to my son,who suffers badly from it, & one granddaughter.txs.xx

  • I'd not heard of this one, so thanks for that. I use Prevalin which I find to be very effective.

  • Aw c'mon, don't pick on Azaard for lightening the mood. When was the last time someone came on here with a serious problem and didn't get an answer? Azaard is usually the first to help. Bob

  • Fairyfootsteps

    Sorry, I meant to say thank you for your post. Very useful. Bob

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