PANIC .please help me HealthUnlockders...............KOTC

...........................My Wife has said that I have 'SELECTIVE MEMORY'

Is is catching? Is it maybe hereditary? A disease?

What is it ?Should I carry on worrying ,go to.see my Doctor or what.

Plese help me.I'm in a panic.



You do not have to be selective at your local Breathe Easy group

Select the group now that you would like to join and just go along to their monthly meeting,

or phone BLF 03000 030 555 the Friendly Helpline for details Mon-FRI 10am 6pm

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  • It's very convenient richard

  • It can be good then?

  • Really comes in handy believe me ! ;)

  • Do I have to take it around with me?

  • No worries mate,,most men get it now and again,,its all down to the constant drone in your ears,,from the queen bee hahahahahahhahahhaha,,what you need is a large shed in the garden,,a comfy chair a wee heater a bottle of something you like,,a good book and your memory will return... :)

  • lol @ this one !

  • I've got that,perhaps I need to use it more often if it is a cure.

  • Don't worry, Richard, most spouses complain of this affliction in their other half... :)

  • So, did I catch it from a mate or something?

  • Don't worry, it's in your DNA, you can't be held responsible for that! ;)

  • Do you suffer from selective hearing too KOTC ;) ?

  • Pardon.I didn't quite catch that!

  • roflmao .......

  • Got it.Ne comprendez

  • Wives are always right :-) more instruction will be given when its needed stay calm and dont panic, everything is under control ;-)

  • I always tell her she's right,shuts her up.

  • Please don't panic all men have this condition & its tend to manifest it,s self when men get married you,l find it strikes most often when your wife needs you to do a small job around the house & suddenly deafness strikes, :D

    A sharp kick in the ankle usually cures it


  • NO VIOLENCE PLEASE,,or you get a spanking,,chortle chortle xx :)

  • It,s not violence but remedial treatment, I prescribe it for all married women, & when men get the memory lapse then 3 ice cubes shoved down the front of underwear is the recommended treatment it,s amazing how well these cures work & "normal" service is resumed swiftly :D xxxx

  • That is cruel.I will report you to the NPC to HUSBANDS

  • I would never kick her in the ankle.Maybe up the............

  • Nice one these guys seem to think thay are getting the upper hand. Go get them sillywitch

  • I've got it covered :d xxx

  • Not getting! Should read ready GOT

  • Ah yes, selective memory. Only the male of the species seem to be afflicted with this, very rare in females. Can be catching if large numbers of males gather together, particularly in pubs :) . Those affected by selective memory are also prone to selective deafness.

  • I did not hear properly,but I gather many other males suffer from the sidelines of this illness

  • KOTC

    Don't worry about it, women get it as well. Whenever I ask my wife how much her new clothes have cost us she just can't remember. It's very sad really. lol Bob

  • So it is catching.My wife suffers from the same condition,thank god it's only once a year for her.

  • Doesnt happen here I buy mine online and charge them to the old fellas account he he.

  • Only once a year?

  • No chance we have to have Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter clothes...........

  • It means: you remember what is good for your wellbeing - looking after no. 1. An awkward or embarrassing situation occurs and you need to talk your way out of it, you can twist your memory to cope with the situation in hand. MPs are a dab hand at it. If you are cornered by your nearest and dearest, you need the fight or flight situation, you will use your selective memory to do a runner.

  • Oh is that so?I can't run with my breathing.

  • Here goes, King. Metaphorically (sp) speaking - no offence meant at all.l. I cant help my thoughts that you are so..... just gone back 20-30 years. If you haven't seen someone face to face etc.

  • Oh!

  • King it sounds like you need your ECU put on a diagnostics test. Your hearing sensor could be playing up intermittently, mine does the same under certain conditions if you know what I mean. :)


  • Batteries run down.That will help my condition ,will it?

  • I'm sure an overnight trickle charge and a memory reprogram will put you right. Doctors don't know everything do they.

    Tony Dont panic, just talk about

  • That's what I am doing on here.

  • it at your local Breathe Easy with friends ay' King.

  • Have they all got it to?

  • I'm sure everyone's got it when needed.

  • Is that a professional opinion? I need to know it is not contageous

  • I guess I could be more certain if you were a Renault Car as I have 30 years of experience on them. Tin Worm (rust) seemed pretty contageous throughout the range, computer memory loss was a disease only on the latest models and hopefully not passed on to humans. You don't drive a Renault do you, Ha Ha.

  • I don't think so

  • I believe this may answer all your questions :)

  • I found that to be quite intellectualy construed for my memory.Ihave selected pieces for my perusal,but have forgotten which ones they were.

  • Goes along with selective hearing or so my wife tells me. Nothing to worry about it s a self defence mechanism only kicks in when needed.

  • That has reassured me.Thank you

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