Time is never my own

It’s Friday. Every day this week I have had to get spruced up early to go to a doctors or hospital appointment. Today’s little soiree’ was to the oxygen clinic to check how much I would need when exercising. Sats first and they were 92 at rest and 86 at the end of the six minute walk of which I managed two and a half minutes. I probably could have managed more if I hadn’t been chatting up the gorgeous little nurse the whole time.( 5'2" of heaven) Anyway, apparently I need 2 litres per minute? Hour? Week? I dunno, my attention was elsewhere.

The paperwork was next. The first bit freed them of all possible guilt if I snuff it. The form for Air Products next and then it was on to giving the fire brigade permission to inspect my home for hidden dangers. Huh! Wait till they meet the wife. And then, for some reason, another form for the electricity providers. What was that all about?

Next week apart from PR on Friday I have nothing booked, but you can bet your life something will crop up.

Love to all, Bobby xx

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  • Always nice to have a social life.

    Enjoy your bank holiday and quieter week.

    I enjoyed your description of the nurse.

    Have fun at PR!

  • Your wife will appreciate the lovely, hunky, uniformed firemen who call round Bobby :) that balances your ogling the 5'2" of heaven ..... lol

    The electricity form is so that you can be re-imbursed for the amount of electricity your oxygen concentrator uses .... :)

  • You mean I get money back? Nah, this is 2013 and I will get charged extra for using it surely? Bobby x

  • Unbelievable, isn't it ? But it's true, you get your money back !! :)

  • Yes you actually get money back thats right money back.

    Lib x

  • I think the idea of telling your electricity company is that they can give you priority in the event of a power cut, too. It's the oxygen company that organises the refund based on the number of hours used (there's a meter on the concentrator).

  • Money back! The world is going to hell in a handcart. I'm off out the back to shoot myself. lol

  • You are one of a kind MENTAL BUT COOL,,,i hope you have your teeth in when you are chatting up these nurses.. :)

  • raptor

    Always check everything before going out. Money, keys, teeth, condom (expired 1973). lol

  • We had a power cut once, it took me forever to get the emergency cylinder from out the cupboard under the stairs, I was beginning to panic because it was right at the back of the cupboard, by the time I was set up the power was back on, now it's always left behind the settee for easy access.

    Actually just looked and it's not here - that's strange.

    Lib x

  • Hi Bobbby doo youou neeed someonnee too drivveee youou too hospital,, mmyy typinn was finnee till youou mentiioonedd 5'2" ooff hheaavann.Mattcass hee-hee++++.

  • It's a great idea mate but I saw her first so I get first claim. Best of it she is not only 5'2" but has got blue eyes, long blonde hair and a figure to die for. It's no wonder I was gaspin' for air. lol Bobby

  • Sounds like a boys' day out - good for you !! Never too old to have a look

  • Annie80

    I have permission to look but not to touch. Apparently if I touch I will be missing an appendage. Dunno what she means by that. What's an appendage? lol xx

  • DEFINITION is secondary part attached to a main part. That is what my dictionary says, phillips1, BUT the word can be used in different ways depending on the way your mind thinks!!!! It could be very painful for you.

  • Annie 80

    Oh dear whoops! I am definitely not touching then. Love from Bobby xx

  • I decided it was time I had my eyes tested as they have been reminding me for 6 months. I should have taken my diary with me, when I looked I had an appointment at the hospital about half an hour into my eye test, so I had to ring them up and change the time. Kath.

  • It's fun being ill isn't it Kath. All these social engagements. Still it gets us out of the house. lol Bobby xx

  • O my I laughed out loud when i read the part about your wife being a hidden danger. With your sense of humor you'll be fine. xxx

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