Hay Fever

The pollen count is so high that even my daily anti histamine is only giving minimum relief. During the night I always have a window open as I need to feel the cool air, but I woke up wheezy about 3am. A toot on my ventolin sorted it quickly, but its going to be a long season, I think.

It's weird how ventolin does nothing for my emphysema (I have Spiriva for that), but its great for hay fever chestiness.

Lynne xx

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It's the birch catkins at the moment and for some reason they are very prolific this year. I don't suffer with hay fever but I would think it's very miserable. Yes think it will be a bad pollen year although not so much rapeseed flowers, alot of it has been scuffled up because it has failed

Lib x

My hayfever is terrible this year too.

I only go out when I have to because of it and it's been going on for nearly two weeks now. I've even been squirting Seretide up my nose in desperation. My eyes are stuck together each morning and my senior citizen group of students were worried I'd got bronchitis because of my cough, I only have asthma actually, but its got very irritated by the pollen. My nose is completely blocked and the swelling inside feels like it moved around and is really annoying.

Yesterday it rained a bit thank goodness, I hope it rains more till the pollen finishes. I know from skin and RAST tests that I am allergic to loads of things.


As a mother of an asthmatic & ex wife of a hay fever sufferer I can only suggest these tips, keep your windows closed, pollen is blown in the house even by the slightest bit of wind, wash your hair & clothes when you get home if you have been out, pollen settles on them if you are out,

The ventolin works on inflamation in the lining of the lung, reducing swelling, pollen irritates this lining & causes it to swell,

You should be able to get eye drops & nasal sprays either on prescription or over the counter & they need to be used before going out to put a coating on the lining of nose/eye to prevent/reduce irritation.

Hope this is of some help I,ve seen how nasty it can be

Karen xxx

Thanks Karen. I have had it most of my adult life. This year is definately a bad one.

I am out most days, so its difficult to avoid it unfortunately.

Lynne xx

I know, It, twice as bad this year because the tree & grass pollen are being released at the same time due to the winter holding back the trees :(

as I said only having a shower when you get home will ease the worst of it, & keeping windows shut, it,s a pain in the butt when the sun cracking the pavements but at least it cuts suffering down

hope you don't suffer to badly Lynne, try asking the doc to change your antihystamine, the one my daughter used for years no longer works for her now & she,l have to try a few others


Hope this passes soon for you Lynne. I have emphysema too and hear what you're saying about the ventolin, it seems to me to hardly register. I had much more confidence in an emergency sob session in the blue inhaler but that has now been combined with something or other to become seretide 125.

Can't be easy to carry on working, I am luckily retired but well done in continuing to stay smokefree. I am afraid I relapsed whilst on holiday and am now going through the whole sorry process of stopping again. Keep well!

Good luck with that Lavender. You know you can do it now.

I am fine about working (I'm self employed) as I am not too bad with the emphysema really and I enjoy what I do. I reckon I will retire in the next 3 -5 years though.

Lynne xx

I didn't realise you have hay fever to contend with also - what a drag.

It's great that you enjoy what you do and can choose when to retire.

Good luck,

Chris xx

My mother used to get it as do several of my nephews. Tree pollen affects me most, so it should improve.

Lynne xx

Pollen season aggravates chest infections but since I have started to have them all winter, there'll be no change.

Quite agree, I have had mild symptoms previously but this year I have really noticed it. I thought initially the wheezy chest was another chest infection. I only realised what it was AFTER I had mowed the lawn!! Yes Ventolin does help too. Adrian

Feel for you Lynne,it can make you feel very tired as well.Silly witch,had some good advice there,I find the same,regards ventolin.take care,enjoy your work,for as long as you can,I hated having to stop! xxx

Hi Lynne, I have suffered with allergic rhinitis all my life and hay fever is just one of the symptoms I have ( horrible isn't it?). I would recommend you begin to close you windows during sleeping as the night time pollen is worse in some areas at night. I could never sleep with windows open. The ventolin works because it is opening your passages and making breathing easier. If your anti-histamine is not working properly, do go back to your doctor and ask for help. Good luck Maximonkey

I read an article about a new treatment called Dymista today Lynne, supposed to be really good. It's a nasal spray incorporating an antihistamine and a steroid. Recently approved by NICE, available on prescription only. Worth a try?

ff x

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