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Air Pollution

Pollution does more than damage lungs the proof is here that it passes over into the blood atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, a known risk for heart attack and stroke.

Air pollution study

The greater the level of air pollution, the greater the thickening of the carotid artery. The association persisted even after controlling for race, education, smoking and other health and socioeconomic factors.

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I read in a national newspaper, that if the UKIPs got in, that they would bring back smoking in pubs. That would be a bad one but perhaps it was a vote puller.


H iMumi4ever pollution is everywhere, i live in the countryside u would think it be clean air,but no way. The farmers are constantly spraying their fields. I have dogs but 1 little one dog if she goes over the fields the chemicals affect her eyes and she looses all her hair round her eyes and the. bleed.. Our bee population has declined and birds except PIGEONS


sorry did not finish my text. A lot of our problems are farmers spraying and what we eat all contains chemicals. Perhaps one day this will be solved by then it will be to late yvonne


Hi mimi4ever, thanks for the link it does make interesting reading, no wonder some of us have worse heart and lung symptoms than others it's location location as they say in modern language. Might be worth a look at the defra website downloads too


I lived beside the seaside-bad heart-bad lungs????


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