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why does sats drop even when on oxygen x

evening all id like a little bit of info please x my husband on oxygen he started in november cos his sats dropped when exersising at the rehab so they gave him 2 lit of oxy last week they have put a oxy machine in so he more or less on it constant x why does his sats drop to 80 even when on oxy he is waitin to see if he eligible for transplant cos his lungs are damaged x he 55 we been hopin to get a bungaloo cos he finding it hard to bath ect i help as much as i can but he proud .i would love to know if anyone elses sats drop like this x x

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Chrissyk, the more effort anyone makes the more oxygen they use so when your husband is moving about his oxygen saturation will be lower. Have a word with his doctor because some people have saturation which drops very low when walking or exercising and need a higher oxygen flow at these times. For example, some people use 1 or 2 litres when resting and maybe 4 or 6 litres when walking. Only his doctor can check and see what level he needs.

thx janet x he seems to be getting more dependent on it . the rehab class has made a note of his sats . its only there that he gets his sat reading done we dont have one of them prob things what they put on your finger so at home he just stops and starts x they told him yesterday that something underlying could be goin on x but thx for the info x

This finger oxymeters are less than $15 snd can save his life! Buy one. Immediately 


A lot of us have bought our own oximeters to monitor our oxygen saturation. They are not very expensive, can be bought for £20 or less on Amazon or Ebay. Just Google oximeter and you'll get lots of options. Good luck.

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