Facts about staying healthy all you Health Unlockders...........Hee HEE

...............Facts about staying healthy

1) If walking /cycling is good for your health,the postman would be immortal

2) A whale swims all day,only eats fish,drinks water and is fat.

3) A rabbit runs and hops and only lives 15 years

4) A toirtoise doesn't run,does nothing-yet lives for 450 years

And you tell me to EXERCISE .I don't think so!



Hop along to your local Breathe Easy group.

Join your local BE group.Details from 03000 030 555 the BLF Helpline

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  • Brilliant . Hope your feeling better. xxxx

  • Feeling quite a bit better now.

    I have had an injured Collared Dove in my garden .Badger has been lying beside it protecting it,aren't dogs wonderful.

  • Moderation in all things!

    I enjoy your posts. Are you trying to become immortal by being a POST man.

    Enjoy your evening


  • You POSTED that well

  • See you have just vindicated my no exercise policy :D thank you Richard xxxxx

  • Exercises,exercises you must do your exercises.Do you remember doing that with two fingers?

  • ah you expect me to be multi talented & I can understand why you would think that :) but no I only used 1 finger :D xxxx

  • I was clever I used 1 finger on each hanw

  • I wonder what my Doctor would think if I was to show her those true statements, and my Boss when I return to work on Tuesday, I might not leave a lot of comments but you do make me laff.


  • You never know ,your Doctor might laugh!

  • I wanna be a tortoise :)

  • That's understandable !!!!

  • It's also Doctor's orders - I've to slow down!

  • My Doctor tells me the same

  • yep dogs are wonderful. Thats why DOG is GOD spelt backwards, I like to think he has quite a few of them sitting up there with him. I hope the collared dove will be ok. Take care. Julie

  • Collared Dove has gone,but Badger still keeps looking

  • Live 15 years versus do nothing for 450 years reminds me "it is not the number of breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away that make a life"

    Not even postmen are mortal enjoy the life we have with friends :-)

  • Very true.

  • Good one!! :)

  • Yep.Tell all your friends about your new training excercises

  • Going to show this to my son he's an exercise junkie and to my sister who's somehow convinced herself that all I have to do is exercise to get back my lung function.

    Hope your taking care of yourself xx

  • Thank you.I have ben out in the garden today until the clouds came over.

    Keep fit with the old fashioned two finger exercise(one on each hand)Exercises exercises I must do my exercises

  • I would like to b a toriose, it takes me a long time to get things done, and at the pace I go it would be 450yrs


  • Takes me all my time thinking about what I might be going to do.

  • Can't the tortoise carry the oxygen ?

  • course he can and I'll delete my last comment which deflated the humour! Terry tortoise should be round in the morning... er after afternoon... er in the week..... er sometime!! :)

  • Maybe in 450 years Eh

  • Forgot to say - hope you keep well Richard :)

  • Feling a bit better today.Thank you.

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