Now what?

Went to hospital with Pete yesterday as he had to have a biopsy of his prostate. Not very nice but he got through it ok. His psa was raised (over 9) about a month or so ago so the appointment was treated as urgent. Need to wait for results now but I am just wondering if it is the sarcoidosis playing him up again. Sarc is a great mimic of many things and causes havoc when it feels like it so am trying to stay really positive. Pete is resting at the moment as he did not have a great night (choking, shaking, bit of a temp). He is taking the antibiotics which finish tomorrow so hope he will be feeling better by then. I just get a bit worried sometimes so thought I would share my thoughts with you wonderful people.

The sun is shining here today which is lovely so will make the most of it and get into the garden.

Thanks and take care. xxxx

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Thinking about you and Pete. My husband had a biopsy of the prostate which wasnt nice at all. He then had hormonal injections. I am not saying too much at the moment because each case is different and this is the BLF! But a PM and a browse around the internet can help if you take some of it with a pinch of salt. Pete has extra problems so I will say life aint fair - all I can say except explore the word -- positivity. Big hugs, Annie80 xxx

Oh I don't blame you for getting worried! My husband only has COPD and I worry all the time especially when he is ill. Wishing you a worry free day, a speedy recovery and the antibiotics work quickly. Take good care and looks after yourself. TAD xxx

It's a trying time for you both. I can't do anything to help but I wish you both the very best. Love from Bobby xxx

Thanks everyone for the kind and positive replies. I will PM you Annie when we get the results. Thanks again. xxxxx

Do wish you both well, obivously a worrying time,for you both,do let us know how he gets on.Fingers crossed, xxx

Thanks for that and yes I will let you know what happens. xxx

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