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Question for Ventolin Accuhaler users

I've used my Ventolin Accuhaler for the first time this morning.

I did everything correctly - opened by pushing away on the thumbgrip and exposing the mouthpiece then slid the small lever until I heard a click (the one that puts the medicine in the mouthpiece). Breathed in deeply like I do with Spiriva.

Does the small lever go back of it's own accord once you've breathed in successfully? Or does it stay where it is and gets pushed back when you close it by sliding back with the thumbgrip? I'm just wondering if I did get the dose as there's no way of checking like you can with a Spiriva capsule.

Hope that makes sense??????

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Im not sure what you mean! If you take it into your local chemists im sure the pharmacist will be able to answer your question and demonstrate it

Yes the pharmacist is the best to ask as he/she can show you, other option is practice nurse at surgery, the patient advice leaflet in your meds is a good source also , mine has pictures showing you how to do it as they say. Ring BLF helpline. My accuhaler has a meter on it thought all were the same just different drugs in them and powder form. As a point of interest my accuhaler does not close automatic after drug inhalance so yours maybe the same

Sorted now thanks. The pharmacist showed me how to use it yesterday and when I used it this morning I had forgotten whether he said the little lever inside clicks back to it's original position after inhalation (not the one you first open the accuhaler with using your thumb, the one that's inside and does something to the blister to get the powder into the mouthpiece). It does have a counter on and it had gone down from 60 to 59 but it was just whether the lever should have gone back on it's own. I always check my Spiriva capsule to make sure it's empty after use as I've had a few that haven't vibrated. As I didn't feel the Ventolin powder go in as I inhaled I wasn't sure that I'd done it right. I've been back to see the pharmacist and he said that no, the little lever doesn't go back automatically, you just shut the accuhaler up by using the thumb indentation thingy (gosh, I'm on fire this morning with my words LOL!!!). The information leaflet that's in the box doesn't say anything about that lever when you've finished, just illustrates how to close the whole thing. I hope that doesn't sound like gobbledegook.


Just shut it! I mean that in the nicest possible way of course. Just shut it and reopen for your next shot. Love from Bobby xx

Ha ha Bobby, could have done with that answer before I waited 15 minutes for a quick chat with the pharmacist that lasted about 60 seconds LOL!!!!! But thank you anyway. I think my memory must be going, yesterday I repeated everything back to the pharmacist that he explained (just to reassure myself I'd taken everything in) but I can't remember if he said anything about that little lever. Oh well, not to worry, laugh it off Susie!

Just wanted to say that interested me,never knew ventolin came in an accuhaler(have had other drugs,that did) but never heard of ventolin in it! Have to ask the chemist about that xx

Great site this isn't it, we all learn loads by reading other people's experiences.

I only know because I've had chest discomfort which appears to be from using the Evohaler metered dose type and Nursie said I could change to a different reliever medication but thought she would try the Ventolin Accuhaler dry powder type first in case it's the propellant in the Evohaler that's causing the discomfort. Have just taken the one dose up to now but don't seem to have the same discomfort so maybe it is the propellant. I think you'll need your nurse or GP to change the prescription from the Evohaler to the Accuhaler, I don't think the chemist can just give you the alternative.

Thanks Susie,yes,it is a great site,we can always learn something new! Just thought I'd ask the chemist,to make sure we have it like that here in Aus.before I see the Doc.Worth a try!

Take care, xxx

Ah, I didn't realise you were in Aus. I've been there more than once, seen quite a bit and loved it all. Made me wish I'd taken advantage and gone over as a £10 pom :) . Hope you do have it over there and manage to give it a try.

Will let you know,yes I love it here,we are on the Gold Coast,now retired,lived in a few of the other states,but happy to have settled here.

Very nice! I've stayed in Coolangatta for a few days as a base, did some travelling round, met up with friends from Brisbane who took us to Tambourine Mountain (how gorgeous is it there!), and I remember Mooloolaba (I think that's where the "loo with a view is"), lots of other places too. They also introduced us to RSLs, had quite a few meals at some of those on our travels :) .

Hi Susie,answered your note before,but just noticed it didint come up,this I pad, not the most reliable me thinks!! Yes Tambourine mountain is beautiful,love those quaint shops,on the gallery walk.Its about half hour from us.Love to escape up to there at times,my daughter & family,have an acreage,at the bottom of it.Mooloolaba,is great,yes it's the loo with the view there!We have a family holiday there,every year,with all the 4 kids,&7 Grandkids etc.we all have seperate units I might add!! Yes the RSLs are still quite popular,as well as good meals,they have some good shows on at times.I can't stay out to long now at night,but enjoy a couple of hours.There has been almighty changes now,some not so good( bit to commercial ) but it's what the people want I guess.Coolongatta is certainly changing,they get overseas flights in now(mainly for Asians!) Well will have another go at posting!! xxx

Oh, I am slowly turning green Wendells. How I remember those beautiful shops at Tambourine mountain. Lovely cafe where my late hubby had the most delicious scone and I think I had a pancake. Ah memories! And we walked from our apartment in Coolangatta to Tweed Heads to a shopping mall, not realising it was in a different state and they were an hour forward so the shops were just closing! I did find Coolangatta very busy, and it was a few years ago now, so I can imagine how it has probably developed. If I was to go back now it would be to all quieter places that take in beautiful scenery............ off to find the photograph album and reminisce :) .

Next time I am up there,having one of those lovely morning teas,I will raise my cuppa,to your good health.Just on a point of interest,Qld.still does not have daylight saving,so down at Tweed they are the hour ahead,on one side of the street,being N.S.W,& one hour behind on the opposite side,being Qld.Drives business mad,& people mixed up about appointments,they are always trying to change it,but both Goverments won't give in!!

Happy reminiscing xxxx

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