PETITION From Daily Mirror - War on Welfare Petition - calling for an impact assessment of benefit reforms and a new deal for disabled


The campaign urgently needs help to reach the 100,000 signature mark so that it will automatically be considered for debale in Parliament.

Link is -

Don't know how to create a link. Could someone please do it for me? Ta.

Bev x

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  • either put http:// before to give or just add www. before to get and the clever system should create new hypercats, I mean hyperlinks for you ;)

  • Hey, hyperlinks would be a good new name for you, hypercat :)

  • " Hyperlynx" hinny ;)

  • Yeah, that's more like it - and stop calling me a donkey - I'm not that stupid, or stubborn ... okay I see where you're coming from.. x x

  • Oooooh! Are we techy this morning dearest, ;) as for the gobbledygook, just another way of saying were ripping you off and couldn't care less.

  • D'you play poker?

  • 37,778 signatures so far - and there's a note been added:

    As this e-petition has received more than 10 000 signatures, the relevant Government department have provided the following response:

    Cumulative impact analysis is not being withheld – it is very difficult to do accurately and external organisations have not produced this either.

    The Government is limited in what cumulative analysis is possible because of the complexity of the modelling required and the amount of detailed information on individuals and families that is required to estimate the interactions of a number of different policy changes. In addition, the Government's programme of welfare reform will not be fully implemented until 2017/18 and many policy details are still to be worked through. Equality Impact Assessments are however carried out for individual policies where there is a requirement.

    No other organisation produces this analysis in a robust way. The Treasury does publish some cumulative analysis with each Budget but this is a broad brush assessment of all tax, benefit and expenditure changes since 2010 across households. Because the Budget cumulative analysis is so complex, it is not robust enough to break down by family type – so impacts on disabled people cannot be shown separately.

    The IFS also produces some cumulative analysis but also do not feel the results are reliable enough to disaggregate for the disabled.

    This e-petition will remain open to signatures until the published closing date and will be considered for debate by the Backbench Business Committee should it pass the 100 000 signature threshold.

  • Which is gobbledegook for - nothing is going to change!

  • no change lot les word ha ha

  • Why do we all real disabled have to suffer just because there are a few bad eggs it is diabolical and unfair

  • Nowt new there, ta big G

  • Oh thank you Gordon x

    Bev x

  • hi Gordon57 hope your well & your ok! I went on the sight to sign the petition got an email went through the process of signing then it took me back to the start of the very first page again to repeat the whole process, twice this has happened now I nearly signed it a third time & thought I best get some advice first or I could be signing for the whole day,I'm wandering if there's something wrong with the sight making sure people can't sign it's a real worry! Not sure what I'm to do now? Oh & as for my 4 year old son I was making a claim for DLA well I decided I'd wait untill he turns five which is December this year & then claim again,He has been well for a good 2 months now but that's of because he's on the brown inhaler & the Singullair granules still,I dread to think what he will be like when he's taken off them because one night he went without the Singulair granules & was constantly coughing! Anyway I also hope the bedroom tax gets cut out as well, have a good day to you & your family!

  • Once you've filled in your details and clicked the button you should get an email shortly after to ask you to confirm that it was you who submitted the entry to the petition. You just click on the link and it should open a new page, which will also give the current total of signatures. That's it, you don't need to go back round and sign again, it should reject you if you try.

    Signulair (Montelukast) is quite effective, I take it in tablet form each night and always 'know' if I've missed as I get very tight chested the day after.

  • Duly signed, hypercat. The last one I signed, was the one asking for IDS to live on £53 a week - he hasn't done it, but here's a link to the guy delivering over 450,000 signed petition

  • Just confirmed by email addy - and it's up to 37, 779 signatures now - but have you seen the closing date - it's 12/12/2013 .... long after the budget gets done..... :(

  • that's out of order, now what are we all going to do!?

  • get as many people to sign it before that day to push for the motion to be heard.

  • The sooner it reaches 100,000 signatures, the sooner it moves to the next stage.

  • Unfortunately because my internet goes at a snails pace I haven't been able to look at the site yet. Should be easier with the link thank you.

    Bev x

  • Thanks for the info and link, have signed the petition

  • have signed the petition thanks for the link

    linda x

  • Sadly the three main political parties have no interest in blocking or even limiting the powers and financial reductions in the new Welfare bills.

    Less money for us lot but more money for them to spend on stuff like Overseas Aid and The Arts.

    Parliament have done a fine job on us with so many of the general public now viewing us as purely scroungers.

    Just wait, food and clothes vouchers will be next. How shameful will that be.


  • You forgot ration books and milk tokens.

  • I have just signed petition Bev and thanks to Gordon for the link. xxx

  • Now 37,839....

  • Duly signed!

  • Signed, thank you for the information Hypercat :)

    BTW to post links, simply Highlight the address bar>Copy>Paste

  • Signed it just, been catching rays in the back :) very sunny & south facing so might catch a few more :D xxxx missing 12 months vit D thanks to rain n snow of last year xxxx

  • All signed :-)

  • I have signed up

  • I've signed.

  • i have signed

  • Wow Well done everyone. I just saw this in the daily mirror and thought as it affects so many of us we would all like to sign it. I have done so now. (I have a very dodgy and slow internet and I lose patience with it). Thinking of getting a new one - a laptop instead. Then I could watch telly and read the blogs and questions at same time.

    Bev xx

  • I have joined a campaigning group called 83 degrees, they seem to be doing a lot of good work, the last one was getting a chemical banned that was killing bees

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