What recession

So I had this woman round from the council today to see how they could help me with my disability. Next thing you know she was wittering on about a walk-in bathroom, a stairlift and an outside lift to get me from pavement to front door level.(about 7 feet). And, as i have got a two-level hallway, that could be levelled off.Of course the front door frame and door would have to be raised to allow for this.

So I said, in my educated Bedford accent, "Kinell, that sounds expensive". No problem she says, you are allowed up to £30,000.

All I had asked for originally was an extra handrail up the stairs. And you thought there was a recession on.

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  • that is brilliant well done

  • Hello, phillips1, That is tremendous!!!!. I live in Scotland and have friends who are Occupational Therapists who say budgets are being cut right, left and centre here and people are getting nothing unless it is a life or death situation. Good to know some people are still getting what is required.


  • Grab it quick!


  • Tie her to a chair get it written in blood & a date when the work is going to start :)

    Well done Bob

    Karen xxx

  • *nods her head vigorously in agreement with sillywitch*

  • I thank you :D xxx

  • Wowser ! Great news :)

  • Think you should find out,the length of time it will take,,will it get done in stages to suit you,,The money for this was most likely put aside for this year,,so grab it,,,if it suits you,,,as once its gone,,,its gone till next year,,, :)

  • Grab it with both hands - even if you don't need it right away! Money is tight, especially here in Scotland. Good on ya! :)

  • It's the one I've gone for through my local council to try and get some heating installed - a Disabled Facilities Grant. You can get up to £30,000 of 'facilities' if you meet certain criteria.

    More info at gov.uk/disabled-facilities-...

    I've had a couple of letters today. One from the senior occupational therapist to say I have met their criteria to be put through to the next stage, which is a visit from the housing officer to assess our financial means. The other letter was to ask for my permission to re-use info I may have submitted for council tax or rent rebate, and that was addressed to 'Mr Grant' :)

    I had an extra stair rail fitted last year, plus they got me a perching stool. This year it's the central heating and, if we pass the financial stage, I will be looking at what else needs sorting out ;)

  • It is a fact that local authorities that are Tory controlled have suffered less cuts to their budgets than non Tory councils,a tacit. They have used whenever they are in government t

  • Before you start any work make sure you have somewhere to go while the building work is going on. I had some work done last year and I got such a bad chest from the dust. Sorry to put a downer on your post.

  • My council wanted to rip out all the windows in my little flat and install PVC double glazing with me still in there. Ten years on, I am still fighting them over this !

  • My experience has been that most people (especially Council staff) in a position to hand out lucrative contracts to companies, can expect these companies to show their gratitude for such a service. If you know what I mean !

  • Go for it Phillips1.I just had a hand rail removed in favour of a stairlift instead but had to meet the cost myself. Criteria for disabled aids is very stiff in my town.

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