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Feeling goody


Hi everyone, I am feeling quite proud of myself I have been in the garden for 4 hours getting it ready for my summer planting. Of course I have had to rest once or twice , only had to take my Airomir twice,have not felt this good for a long while hope it lasts.

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That should read feeling good

Feeling groovy ?:)

I feel a lot better, It might be because the last couple of days have been sunny and warm enough to be outside. It feels good to have a `spring in your step` after the long cold winter we have had. I must be suffering from sad as well as copd!

Hi susieQs, when Mr sun puts his hat on I think we all start to feel better, as you say it's been a long hard winter.

I,m so glad you are on the up & long may it last :) (that goes for the weather too)

Karen xx


Great news Meike, and since you're feeling so much better, any chance you could turn over my flower beds? I've tried turning them over in my mind, but no, when I look out the window, they're still the same. :)

Glad you got some done today,, it been raining up here ,,, :)

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Sun's out now, accompanied by a howling wind. Sillywitch would get her sheets dry in now time. I used my tumble drier. :)

amazing what the nice weather can do, my trouble is when im feeling good i have a few drinks and forget about my diet..have i got a diet ??

but really has long has i dont smoke and try keep active and a little fit a few times a week i think thats ok

I'm glad you had a good day. I'm looking forward to geting out in the garden again

Give me sunshine..............I love it!

Hi, meiki, Great to hear that. I have always believed that working in a garden and getting you hands in the soil is very healing. Hope you have many 'garden days'.


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Hi whitrok, a long time ago when one of my aunties was suffering with her nerves. Her doctor told her to go out and touch Mother Earth . I can understand why he said this , because whenever I go into my little garden and see what I have achieved, it makes me feel good .


Glad your feeling good Meike - big pat on your back for all your good works today :)


Congrats 4 hours!! That's grand,top of the class for you xxx

Hi Meike wish i felt like u i have to get someone in to do my garden i have a fairly large garden but i do not seem to have the energy and i have lost interest in it but the guy really does a lovely job and i stand back and get the pleasure by walking around and looking at my flower beds and the grass but one day who knows i might become super woman again yvonne

Hi,nik666', my garden is only tiny , but if like you I had a very large garden I think I might have help too. I only grow in pots and containers, so it's easy to get around,in spring I do my own hanging baskets. It always gives me a sense of achievement when they flower in summer, I am a lot slower than I used to be, but I get there in the end hope you have many sunny days in your garden x

Well done Meike. Have been doing my garden and felt on top of the world. Hope your efforts reward you with a great show

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