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Light-hearted thread about the words for mucous in other languages

Hi there,

My husband is Dutch and I Iived in Holland for about ten years. It made me laugh when I learnt the Dutch word for mucous: SLIJM (pronounced "slame") of course it made me think of SLIME. Very descriptive LOL :-)

Then in German it's pretty funny too, SCHLEIM.

Off topic for a lung forum, but the German word for diarrhoea is hilarious too: DURCHFALL literally translated as THROUGH FALL .

I'm a bit of a language nerd so I find these things very entertaining, I hope they gave you a laugh too.


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Love it Koala, and you're right, it is so descriptive. Coughing up slijm good style today :)


hahaha !! yes entertaining, my son no3 is off work today with Durchfall. lol


What do I say to the doctor when I have Durchfall


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