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Too much sleep?

My husband has been sleeping a lot in the day lately. Besides COPD and oxygen 24/7 he has been taking co-dydramol for his rheumatism.

The doctor has now suggested that he now takes co-codamol which will not make him so sleepy I am waiting to see if it works. As I type this he has been asleep for a couple of hours.

Unfortunately his oxygen assessment which should have been this morning was cancelled as the lady was ill. We now have an appointment for next week.

Today he has been playing cards with our grandaughter who has just come out of hospital after an operation. So this keeps him awake for a while.

We are looking forward to the better weather so we can at least sit out in the garden.

Are there other carers out there who feel like me and do not know what to for the best?


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This is a long-shot Jean, but might just be worth checking on the BLF's website in case your husband has Sleep Apnoea as well as COPD. Sometimes people blame their existing conditions for the daytime tiredness, unaware undiagnosed sleep apnoea is the cause. Here's the link


Sometimes I think sleeping is due to boredom, when he was playing cards with his granddaughter that gave him an interest.

Lib x


Does he sleep well at night?

koala x


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