Hello everyone.

Went for my annual spirometry test yesterday after being diagnosed May 2012 with moderate C.O.P.D. with lung function of 53%.yesterdays result = 60% lung function.An improvement that my doctor described as "fantastic".this improvement was achieved by me packing in smoking 60 cigs per day & exercising 4-5 times per week I.E. walking on treadmill & swimming.So some of us can improve our situation.I certainly feel a lot better than i did 12 months ago.Take care all best wishes x :)

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  • Good news! :)

  • That is great news, really fantastic. I'm due my second spirometry in June/July and I really hope I get the same sort of result. When I went last year it was 55%, I had already given up smoking, but not for that long and I have since joined the gym doing cardio about 3 or 4 times per week.

    Lynne xx

  • Brilliant news pedantic.

    love cx

  • Well done to you.

  • wow that is so good sometimes when i go to the gym i think is it worth it but reading your results helps to keep me looking after myself.

    i know this cant happen but would be so good if you could keep getting better readings and go back to normal

  • Excellent result! Keep up the fight!

  • Absolutely fantastic, brilliant. What an achievement. Keep it up!!!

  • That is a great achievement well done you! :) x

  • Fantastic! Must be wonderful to see good results after the hard work! xx

  • Fantastic great news thank God!

  • That is great pedantic. Give yourself a big pat on the back. Well done. Bob

  • Very pleased for you.

  • Great News! You will feel better just knowing that all the effort is worth it. The better weather coming will make you feel better also. Continue to feel good.

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  • My word ! never expected such a response to my blog ! Thank you all for words of congratulation.Nice to know others care.What a wonderful bunch you all are xx :)

  • The best thing for with copd is stopping smoking and exercise, well done for changing your life style and be positive.

  • Thanks Warren.

    My wish is that others ( those that are able to do so of course ) realise that we can feel a little better by doing a little exercise & saying bye bye to the dreaded weed.If i can pack in smoking,believe me anyone can.Best wishes :)

  • Just read your blog, I'm a bit late sorry but what great news, there is hope out there then, well done, you must be so pleased, I recently started PR and I do feel so much better after only 3 weeks, I do some of the exercises at home as well, I have met some great people too, I am thinking of joining a gym too, you have made my mind up for me, good luck for the future.

    Ju x

  • That's some achievement pedantic, I am quite anxious as my next Spiro is in 2 weeks and although I have done all the right things I am not too hopeful. And I don't, know why.

    But pleased for you as it gives me hope. Take care Adrian

  • Brilliant result for all your effort, now you know your hard work is paying off. Makes it worth the changes you made. Good news really happy for you. :)

  • fab :)))

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