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Welfare Rights

I finally decided to claim for DLA. The turning point was when I found out I had to have oxygen. I have had the mobility component for 8 years but have never bothered about the other bit. Anyway, a phone call to my local council's Welfare Rights department elicited the reponse "We will send a woman round". "That's handy" was my first thought.

Now since I have been ill my concentration level has dropped alarmingly. But this women knew exactly what she was doing and soon had me scrabbling round for doctors notes and prescription copies and consultants letters etc.

It was a good thing she came. To a question like "Can you climb the stairs" My answer would have been a simple "Yes". Wrong answer. It should have been "I can climb the stairs but it takes me ages and leaves me so breathless that I can't do anything for some time afterwards. That is also honest and true.

It was the same all through the form. My simple (and honest) answers would not have helped me at all. By giving a truer picture of my condition I stand a better chance of success.

So now you know. Get Welfare Rights on your side and it will help. Bob xx

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Glad you found them helpful - I am a big fan of Welfare Rights - they certainly know their stuff, are very professional and will usually come out re a disability claim. Excellent.

Good luck

Love cx


Good Luck with a positive result Bob. I got somebody round who was used to dealing with these forms and it worked for me. Yes and no just don't cut it, its all in the detail.



Without getting this kind of expert help there is little point in making an application for DLA. You simply have to know all the buzz words, points to make and things to watch out for.

In our area they have disbanded the Welfare Rights section within the council, lack of funds of course :(

If anyone wants to check if they are entitled to benefits you can use this online checker -


Great link Gordon thank you. But i'm confused...according to this I qualify for the State Pension on 6.11.17. On the state pension age caluculator on it says my pension kicks in on 6.5.19. Wonder which is correct? Hope the first one is obviously.

Bev x


Erm, I don't know - I guess the Gov one is correct, they should know. Send the EntitledTo site feedback, see what they say ? They may have missed updating something.

I've been through the checker myself as I wanted to know if we would still get Working Tax Credit, seems we will.


Yeah good advice I will. I did ask them at the Jobcentre when I signed on and my computer records show the same date of 6.11.17! I queried this and they say it should be right. Mmmm

Bev x


Thanks for that Bob I've just applied for the forms today, ringing the Welfare Right was my next step so.

Thanks again

Kim xxx


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