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Has anyone had chest discomfort with Ventolin (Salbutamol)

I've had chest discomfort (indigestion type discomfort) when using Ventolin, the metered dose Evohaler type. I saw the nurse today and she said I could be changed onto something else but suggests I try the dry powder Ventolin Accuhaler first to see if I get the same discomfort with that, probably trying to find out if it's the propellant causing it or the Ventolin.

Has anyone had chest discomfort with the Evohaler type and changed to the dry powder Accuhaler and the discomfort disappears?

Has anyone had discomfort with the Ventolin Accuhaler?

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I take omeprazole tablets which counter heart burn so i couldnt tell you to be honest! and was taking omeprazole before my diagnosis! sorry


Hi Suzie. I eventually moved from powder inhalers to a liquid Ventoling nebulaiser (on the recommendation of the consultant) and I find it much better. The mail disadvantage is that you need to be at the nebuliser (or a portable off the net at around £70) 4 times a day, but much more effective.



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