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Hello everyone

Can someone advise me. I am very grateful that I am still able to work part time and I know I wouldn't qualify for for DLA or PIP, last year I was off work 3 months with Pnuemonia but was able to claim Statutary Sick pay. I have severe Emphysema but try to stay active and can manage most of the time.

But I've just had a chest infection which knocked me side ways, luckily I noticed the signs early and my fabulous Community Respiratory Team were qucik off the mark changing my stand by AB's for stronger ones and fingers crossed I've rallied. But I lost last week which I wont be paid for I only do 18 hours so I'm stuck. Also up to today I couldn't walk across the room let alone make the stairs.

Can I apply for any grants, benefits or Blue badge my husband think I need one when out I don't drive myself.

Sorry to waffle.

Kim xxxx

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Hi recommend you cal the BLF helpline tomorrow 03000 030 555 where you'll get much good advice.

Depending on what they're doing you could well get knowledgable and supportive people along here anytime.

Good luck,



Can.t advise on benifits as it,s all changed since i claimed anything, but I,m ptetty sure you could get a blue badge that hubby can use solong as you,re in car at the time

good luck

Karen xxx


God fingers gone to sleep! That,l be benefits & pretty!!! sorry xx


Have a chat with the BLF helpline, they can advise on benefits and so on. 03000 030 555 Mon-Fri, 10-6.

Each person is supposed to be assessed on their abilities, there's no set stage where you qualify or not. Some are more able to get on with things than others and will be able to carry on working when their stats are saying otherwise. It could be that your particular state of health is enough to qualify for DLA or something else, best to get some advice on that and then fill in the forms and see what happens. Try to get help from the CAB, DIAL or some similar organisation who know the words to use if you can.

An application for a blue badge is made to your local council, although you can start the process online at gov.uk/apply-blue-badge - you don't have to be the driver, it's to enable you to get where you need to be.


That was quick work everyone I knew you wouldn't let me down. I shall be making a call to BLF first thing.

Thanks again.



I think the DLA money is now directed towards something called Access to Work and you can get help with transport to and from work e.g. taxis if you need them. Just Google it.



There are so many factors involved in making claims, as everyone has said that phone call to the experts is the first step.

Once you get the forms it is vital to get your answers checked by CAB, DIAL or similar expert on how they should be filled in.

The form checkers have a set of rules to follow, so it is vital not to give an answer that does not conform to their rule book.

The claim forms are big and can look frightening, take them slowly and carefully, the person who checks them is human so you need to give them all the help you can.

Keep a note of all your answers you may need to refer back to them at a later date.

Good luck


I second all these points. Many applications are refused due to being submitted without being checked first by a Benefits Advisor. For instance, my DLA application was refused initially, although when I appealed the decision was reviewed and I now receive higher rate for both care and mobility components. All told it took almost ten months to sort out, so begin the process with the proper advice for a quick result.


My advice would be contact the experts and if in doubt claim.


Hi Kimmy

Your local council will have a department called, "Welfare Rights". They are pretty knowledgable and you can also try BLF as Homebreeze and Gordon suggested. Citizens Advice are also there but their knowledge varies from branch to branch and is a bit hit and miss. Good luck with it. Bobby xx


Thanks again to everyone for great advice.

Have spoken to BLF wonderful advice DLA and Blue Badge forms on the way, then I will as suggested make an appointment with CAB or ring the Welfare Rights in my area just found the number.



Hi kimmy I work 28 hours a week and I got granted pip like people's said it's what you can't do and how it effects you

I have copd and sjorgrins syndrome

Fm hope this gives you hope x


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