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Alternative Therapies, Gadgets and Gizmos.


I was checking the date of my next massage and reflexology when the question came to me about what really does help us with our breathing/mental problems.

I have an air purifier/ioniser, shiatsu heated massager, a flutter, a power breath etc etc. I have monthly massages and have just started reflexology. I use Olbas oil inhaler, bubble bath and oil. I use Lavender and Vanilla candles for relaxation and stimulation - go figure :) I also have a home blood pressure machine and of course I have my nebuliser.

Now am I fooling myself or do any of these things help? I definitely think the power breather is starting to and I am an avid believer in Olbas oi. I know that after my massage I always feel so relaxed I wish I could have one more often. The reflexology again helps me relax not sure what else it does but I enjoy it!

I am sure you have noticed the lack of exercise equipment well I have some of that too but nothing big because I don't want to mess up my house and what I have got I will be honest is gathering dust :D

Then there are all the things I have bought to make my life easier in the house or are they just making me lazier?

I suppose it could be exactly what my daughter says I have too much time to sit and think and therefore I don't actually do anything constructive like use the bloody things!!

Anyone this is my thought for the day


Happy Sunday



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Candles are a big no no for me,as is anything scented.

KOTC xxx

I got a TINA ,,who is not slow in kicking my butt to motivate me,,when i need it,,, :)

Hi Janet I can relate to most of the things you talk about and have queried myself are they doing me any good when I said as much to my husband his thought on the matter was if you enjoy it do it ,it's not harming your condition ! So I carry on I have a power plate that I use every day which gets me moving ! Lol in more ways than one ha ha .jane xx :-)

Good morning Janet, if they relax you and make you feel good - go for it, I used to have reflexology which I enjoyed and it relaxed me, like you not sure what else it did except cost me £30 a time. I have a flutter pipe which I'm sure helps and recently purchased an air conditioner.

I would worry about the scented candles though. I would love to have a weekly head massage.

Whether they all work or our we fooling ourselves, I don't know. If we believe they're doing us good then that's OK.

Lib x


Really recommend massage, especially the head massage. I dont overdo the candles. Anything in lavender form. Keep thinking about the power breather. I had one once but didn't give it time to kick in and got rid of it. Stupid. My e/l fan. I tried acupuncture which was a waste of money FOR ME! Reflexology is well worth a thought - I had it once.

Whatever makes you feel good and does not make things worse is an ok therapy when we know there is no cure then feeling better is as good as living gets.

Scented things are on my list of not near me things but relaxing with music helps, we all find our own way but we share experiences on the things that have been worthwhile.


Hello Janet...have never had a massage, the therapeutic kind,that is, haha,!, not even an Indian head massage. Have had a few Reiki sessions now which is on offer at the hospice and feel this might be helping a little with my breathing.

You got me thinking about gadgets in general around the home. One item I wouldn't want to be without touch-lamp at the side of my bed.

Lovelight x

Well I do have an excercise bike in the living room, I try to ignore it most of the time. So boring peddling away and getting nowhere.

in reply to nixy

I have a step-up machine which I must admit I don't get to use very often since it's an unofficial clotheshorse. Which really just about sums it up. Sounds good though when I'm ever asked what I do for exercise to be able to mention that I have it.

If they relax you they are doing you the power of good as stress is so bad for us all, I spend so much time on here the only exercise I get is typing with one finger, (you want to see the muscles in in now :D )

take it easy with all the scented stuff though, I used to love candles & had smellies all over the place, now just a whiff of perfume sets me off struggling to breathe :(

take care & do what makes you happy hun

xxxxx Karen

aren't we a funny lot! Nice blog Jandan.

I'm a firm believer in giving oneself a whole load of TLC in any way. shape or form (I do wish I were better at administering this to myself more though).

Do all you can afford I say.

BTW regarding Reflexology, it can be absolutely brilliant done by a highly qualified person.

I used to help run a holistic health centre in Gloucestershire. The Clinical Reflexologist Sarah T......... was utterly amazing with her results. If I hadn't seen the results with my own eyes I would never have believed it possible. Several women got pregnant who had been trying for years. She assisted at quite a few births & saved people from drugs & pain plus many other ailments....................... I must find out the points in the foot for lungs and try it on myself!


see this for an interactive reflexology map - for self help reflexology

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