Further to Raptor's question about 'which animal'

Further to Raptor's question about 'which animal'

Years ago a friend was training to be a psychologist and she asked me a question about animals. She knew that I liked animals and apparently my answers would be most revealing.

She asked me to say which three animals I liked best and asked me to state why I liked them. I was most surprised at what she told me after I had done my bit. My answers were:

1 - my favourite animal is a bit cat - a siberian tiger. My reasons were that I thought it was so sleek, so beautiful and so cunning. It was an animal that you would definitely not mess with.

2 - my second favourite animal I said was a dog. My reasons were that a dog is so sweet, it would love me for who I am, regardless of looks or anything else and it would be faithful.

3 - my third favourite animal I said was a horse. It is beautiful and amongst other things a horse will gallop for you until it drops dead from exhaustion.

I'm a bit embarrassed to say this but:

3 - this is how I see myself

2 - this is how I feel that others see me

1 - this is how I would like to be.

That was a bit embarrassing really don't you think.



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  • I would like to be a cat because cats are independant and go their own way.

    A giraffe - because I am very curious and I would be able to satisfy that with such a long neck

    And an elephant so I could trample anyone who hacks me off and make the most noise.

    Bev x

  • Hello Bev

    I love your choices and the reasons for them. Perhas I should have kept the 'outcome' until a later blog.

    You've made me doubt my choices now because I love elephants (such caring animals) and giraffes (majestic creatures).

    Love from



  • Lol - good for you hypercatxx

  • Gota 'TIGER in your tank'Eh?

  • Lol Don't think I have but you probably do! :)

    Bev x

  • Very interesting I think if I was to describe myself I'd say I was like a butterfly I just seem to flutter from thing to thing.

  • Hi

    That's a strange one. A friend said she's like to be a tortoise (and that was before she knew what would be revealed by her choice)!!!!



  • Oh yes 'Float like a butterfly,sting like a bee'

  • I think for me, 1. a cat. 2. dolphin (conquer my dislike of water. 3. an owl. What does that make me??

  • Independant, fun loving & wise Annie :)

    xxxxx karen

  • Annie

    Your have to say why you like these animals

    Your favourite is a cat because ..... (maybe because it's beautiful or sneaky etc). This is how you would like to be.

    Your second favourite is a dolpin because ..... (it's so lithe, smooth etc). This is how you think others see you.

    Your third favourite is an owl because ..... (it's wise, has all-seeing eyes etc). This is how you see yourself.

    Maybe you are like me because your favourite animal is a cat - independent, beautiful, very, very, clever and doesn't stand any nonsense.

    Have a lovely Sunday, Annie.

    Lots of love and hugs



  • As for the last comment,well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • An animal who loves being stroked, can swim like a fish and the wisdom to know how incompatible that is! :)

    Bev x

  • I like that, Karen. Genuinely chose the owl because I love owls - thanks. That was good for my ego.

  • No I don't think it's embarrassing, apart from the horse I am the same. Instead of the horse I'd like to be a bird,a graceful swan is what I'd like to be

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