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Should a patient with sarcoidosis receive the flu innoculation jab?


I suffer from sarcoidosis but am not on any treatment. I have spoken to my GP about this and he states that sarcoidosis does not put me at risk and I am not entitled to it. However my blood tests come back with a low lymphocyte count which I believe leaves me at higher risk of contracting both viral & bacterial infections and taking longer to recover.After 5 cold/flu infections in 10 months which completely took the stuffing out of me it seems like this should be reviewed.

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Think It Depends .... Is It In Your Lungs ?

If Its Not Don't Think They Would .... But Am No Expert There Are Others On Here With Sarcoidosis That Would Be More In The Know Than My Self

Can Always Go Chemist And Get Flu Jab Yourself A No My Brother Did Think He Paid £10

Hope That Helps All The Best :)


I was one of the priorities at my surgery for the flu jab but my immune system is compromised to treat the sarcoidosis plus its primarily affected my lungs. If you aren't on meds I take it the sarc is not active? It's difficult - I'd ask for a second opinion if you are that concerned. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Marie x

I have the flu jab each year, but then I have COPD and Asthma in addition to the Sarcoidosis, which is why I think I get invited for it.

Give the BLF Helpline a call and see if they can shed any light on it maybe?

Good luck.


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