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Very True MAX People Do Need To Wake Up From There Prozac Injuiced Coma

If Ever I Had Seen A Statement On Way Our Country Is Going .... What Can A Say MAX Would Be Right

People Do Need To Wake Up From There Prozac Induced Coma :O When You Have DWP And ATOS Using Mental Health Act And Terror Secret Courts To Quash Public's Decent At Welfare Reforms NHS Reforms ....... It Never A Good Thing :P

Must Remind GEC ATOS Of Good Olden Days During WW2 Getting Rid If Sick And Disabled

A Thought Given My School History Lesson's GEC ATOS And Part Of On-Going War Penance Compensation ..... Suck Companies Signed Agreement Stating They Would Not Part Tate In Genocide Or And Social Genocide

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Bloke was doing his nut, Daz. We will have to see which way the NHS is going. Sometimes there is a lot of noise and nothing happens. We will have to see.


Hi Yes He Was Getting Tad Excited :P But Like He's Says Only NHS To Milk And I Do Think They Are Going To Trash It

My Gp's Practice Is Closed Half Day Wednesday And Now Half Day ?Thursday For Training ... So I Have To Go See Hospital Out Of Hours GP ... Like Really Whats Happend To A Working Week .... In My Opinion And Experience I Would Not Let GP's Manage NHS Budgets


Daz, I dont understand why your surgery has to close half day Wed and Thurs - for training? what for? Mine is closed at the weekend. Why dont you ask PALS why, and have a moan about it because it isn't on. I am wondering if GPs manage the budgets - they aren't accountants. Still better than my sister who lives in the US


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