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try to think positively?


My mum was doing really well living with asthma, bronchiectasis and fighting against pseudomonas - then she got bad flu type infection and ended up in hospital - she came out last Friday and tending to get down, and is really breathless - anyone any ideas on how can perk her up? her fighting in spirit has taken a bit of a beating and strongly believe in positive thoughts...........

I am also desparate to keep strong but its really hard - any ideas please or network I could join?

D x

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Hi Dendr

Suggestion 1: Get Richard Gere in to see her. Result guaranteed.

Suggestion 2: Far more realistic, get mum to join a Breathe Easy group.

Best of luck cheering mum up. Bobby xx

Hi D

Sorry your Mum has been so poorly. It is normal for your spirits to take a nosedive during and following an infection and pseudomonas is a nasty little b.

I think it would be helpful for you to contact BLF on Monday - can't remember the number, but will either find it later and put it up for you, or hopefully someone will post it up before then. They have nurses and counsellors and will probably have contact details for supportive networks. It will not only be good for your Mum but I feel it it will be of great help to you too D.

Has your Mum ever been to pulmonary rehabilitation - you could ask your GP. You do excercises under very controlled conditions with specialist nurses and have informative talks. Your Mum will then 'be in the system' as it were. You could also ask your GP about access to a matron.

I too have brochiectasis and asthma and if you or indeed your Mum wants a chat just pm me.

Good luck

Let us know how you get on.

Love cx

dendr in reply to cofdrop-UK

Hi C

thanks so much for taking the time on this - I will call them on Monday for both Mum and me - she was doing really well for last couple of years by going to rehab but now is so poorly I don't think she will be going back for a while but what is a matron? would love to get in contact further for mum to get in contact with you ...

Den xxxx

cofdrop-UK in reply to dendr

That would be really nice Den.

If your Mum has already been to rehab Den, you can still 'phone them - they will try to help. Just read your post in reply to annie and you all have a lot to cope with at present. It is undersatandable your Mum is not wanting to see or be in contact with friends. I do exactly the same thing when ill. I don't want to see or talk to anyone, then get sad because I think no b cares. Friends and relatives sometimes can't win, no doubt you have found that out by now. It usually passes when there is an improvement in health. If your Mum is getting very depressed the pul rehab team can refer to someone from mental health team who secialise in the feelings associated with respiratory conditions.

Not had a Matron myself, but I know a few who have, some of whom are on here and may be able to help more. I think you can get referred by your GP and not sure but think pul rehab can refer also. BLF I'm sure will be able to help on Monday. Some outside help will take some pressure from both of you.

Hope your Dad is improving.

They are very lucky to have such a loving, caring daughter, but your mum and dad must be very special for you to have turned out that way.

Love to you all


03000 030 555 :-)


Recomend you give the blf helpline a ph on monday,,they are very good :)

dendr in reply to raptor

Hiya - thanks for this - not sure what to ask them or where to start really.........

Den xxx


I have the same as your Mum but have been on antibiotics for weeks. I dont really want to come off the antibs. Husband is on chemo and doesn't an infection. How mobile is your Mum? Can she get out at all? Has she any friends that can visit. Flowers, loving daughter! All the best

dendr in reply to Hidden

Hiya - thanks for coming back on this. She used to be able to get out but since came out of hospital is quite down - I think realisation that is getting more breathless and well as physically cant walk far at all - she does have friends but not want to talk or see anyone at present (and Dad had heart attack just two weeks ago too so in resting mode - and I adore her :)

Den xxxx

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