salt caves

hiya im new to the site x my husband waitin to see if he goin on a transplant list for lungs and iv been diog with copd x im wonder if anyone has heard of the salt caves i read that they do lungs and skin the world of good so i been and bought some rock salt and going to start steaming with it you no put some in a bowl of hot water and sit over it with a towel over me head do you think i should still take me meds x or has amyone done this already thx x x

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  • Hi, I do know that some people are advised to use a salt solution in their nebulisers to help loosen congestion, so it could well be that it helps you. Libby

  • Hi Chrissy, let us know if it works. I'm all for alternative, complementary treatments, and game for anything. I don't know about anyone else, but I find my breathing actually gets better in the shower - ya know when it's sort of steamy.

  • hiya iv tried that and yes it helped me with congestion i will try it 3 time a week get a mini facial has well x mind it could work out expensive im onnly going to use 3 tables spoons of rock salt in a bowl n see if it makes a difference x

  • Cant see the salt doing any harm but please DO NOT STOP TAKING THE MEDS Joyce

  • I read one time that sea water does the same Bob

    never give up ..

  • Hi there, I Googled the other day looking for breath easy groups near me (no luck there). What came up was a very interesting article on a salt cave & the benefits. I think it was by a journalist who didn't have a lung problem but it was really very interesting.

    I use a sterile sea water nasal spray and it's brilliant.

    So have a little Google for more info and good luck. P

  • hiya thx for reply . i did try it found it helped with congestion x and got a face sauna in the proceeds lol i will do a steam 3 times a week n see how it goes x

  • Hope you let us know how you get on with the salt

  • There is a saltcave in Tunbridge Wells in Kent, possibly the first one in the UK - someone whose mother benefitted greatly from going there came to talk to our breathe easy group about it.

    Ive just looked at the site and apparently they are NHS approved (tho probably not funded!) and there appear to have been some clinical trials which have showed benefit for some people.


  • I have heard of the salt caves I know there is one in Edinburgh I am using a salt pipe an I am finding it helps although I am still taking my meds !! :-)

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