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Hemp Oil

Have just read a posting with regards this stuff..........


I want to share my husband Ralph's story. He is 62, a hard worker and lover of good people. It is a story of pain and difficult times, that is until now. He was diagnosed with COPD several years ago and using a few types of inhalers and the Dr. wanted him on oxygen. It was a cycle of unending Dr. appointments that kept the Docs paid but no healing for Ralph and he was getting WORSE.

In the mean time we were researching medical cannabis...

Last Monday he had a real bad episode, his diaphram and lungs were spasming so hard, trying to get oxygen in. In Ralph's words "he was just along for the ride" while his body was in survival mode. I thought he was going to die. The spasms stopped but he was very weak and needed help. In desperation I messaged Peter Otoole and him and Joel arrived in the early morning hours, a 300 mile drive.

The effects of the oil were almost immediate, he could feel his body being oxygenated like he had not felt in years. By the

second day he was able to sleep laying in bed rather than sitting in a chair. This is day four and he is regaining physical strength.

We are in awe of this powerful medicine..and the compassion of people willing to help.

Does anyone have any experience of it or know of any other info available.

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hiya im new to this site but my husbands friend mention hemp oil but i think he gets his from tesco so im wondering if its a different type x


Sounds off the wall to me.


Hemp is used for many many different things.. The herb grows for a reason..


Don't know anything about hemp oil, what do youdo with it, drink it, rub it on or what?

polly xx


Pete 1958, What is the name of the oil you are using. It sounds interesting.


Its not something I have used.

Was just an article someone sent my wife on Facebook.

Made me wonder if it was something anyone else had tried as an alternative medicine.

Have been told you simply rub it in your skin and its absorbed into your blood stream.

My son is into all these alternative medicines and claims it has wonderful properties.


Absolutely amazing ,I've heard. A lot about this and support it 100 per cent. I'm so glad you are not taking any notice of small minded uneducated people. Intelligent people have a wide range of knowledge .carr on with your research, it is the only drug that's natural .


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