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Thanks everyone for your replies .

Thanks everyone for your replies . have had bad chest all my life even had a lobe removed from mylung .but just a few months ago was told its now copd up until then it was always bronchiectasis. hoping to look at sheltered housing as we live at the top of a very steep hill and I cant manage it anymore. just found out yesterday hubby has mild angina. Does anyone have of applying for carers allowance/ as unsure if we even qualify. steep hills and steep learning curves; eh.

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Hiya houston

Your local council should have a department called Welfare Rights. Get their advice free of charge. They are very good. You could also use Citizens Advice but their quality of advice is a bit hit and miss. Good luck with it. Bobby xx


My husband applied for carers allowance and he got a sort of indirect allowance which meant he didn't have the money but it was used as housing benefit, something to do with not receiving 2 related benefits.

Carole x


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